Drugstore nail polish stash #2

The sharing of my nail polish collection continues. By now, we are at the end of our journey. All that’s left is the second half of my drugstore nail polish collection. And that means a bunch of random, miscellaneous brands. Some old, some new. Some more expensive, some cheap. Today i will be showing you the remainder of my collection including all the swatches.

Essence & Hema

  1. Hema Long Lasting nail polish 813
  2. Hema Holographic Blue
  3. HEMA Long Lasting nail polish 835
  4. Hema Nail Polish 10
  5. Hema Metallic Purple
  6. HEMA Holographic Bordeaux
  7. HEMA Long Lasting nail polish 827
  8. Hema Striping Nail polish Striping White
  9. Hema Striping Nail polish Striping Black
  10. Essence Color & Go Sparkle Sand Effect Hello Rosy
  11. Essence Be Optimistic
  12. Essence Kings of Mint (You Rock LE)
  13. Essence Nail Art Twins Bella
  14. Essence Choose Me
  15. Essence Color & Go Over the rainbow
  16. Essence Walk on Air
  17. Essence Prom-Berry
  18. Essence Chic Reloaded
  19. Essence Sparkle Sand Effect Here’s My Number
  20. Hema Jip & Janneke Zilver

Eyeko, Hérôme, Gosh, W7

  1. Eyeko Rain Polish for City Nails
  2. Eyeko Pastel Polish for Nice Nails
  3. Eyeko Vintage Polish for Elegant Nails
  4. Eyeko Lilac Polish for Lovely Nails
  5. Eyeko Cosmic Polish for Space Age Nails
  6. Eyeko Vampira Polish for Gothic Nails
  7. Hérôme WIC Edinburgh
  8. Hérôme WIC Montreal
  9. Hérôme WIC Quito
  10. Hérôme WIC London
  11. Gosh Chocaholic
  12. Gosh Forest Floor
  13. Gosh Ocean
  14. Gosh Galaxy
  15. W7 Lava Flow
  16. W7 Twilight
  17. W7 Casablanca
  18. W7 Little black book

Maybelline, H&M, Diamond Cosmetics

  1. Diamond Cosmetics Café Au Lait
  2. Diamond Cosmetics Taupe Shimmer
  3. Diamond Cosmetics Sparkling Sherry
  4. Diamond Cosmetics Hue Are You
  5. Diamond Cosmetics Metallic Venom
  6. Diamond Cosmetics Cherry Tobacco
  7. Maybelline Express Finish Sweet Rose
  8. Maybelline Express Finish Red Seduction
  9. Maybelline Express Finish Acid Plum
  10. Maybelline Express Finish Venetian Gold
  11. H&M Peppermint Fusion
  12. H&M Blue My Mind
  13. H&M Lady Luck
  14. H&M Fabulous Nails Honey

Miscellaneous drugstore

  1. L’Oreal Color Riche Pistachio Drage
  2. Urban Outfitters W.I.P. Mustard
  3. Gosh Oh My Gosh Lime’N Lemon
  4. Collection 2000 237
  5. Collection 2000 165
  6. Collection 2000 206
  7. Collection 2000 195
  8. Miss Sporty Clubbin’ Nail Polish 328
  9. NYC In A New York Color Minute Canal Street
  10. Stargazer no. 307
  11. LA Colors
  12. Max Factor Fantasy Fire
  13. Max Factor Lollipop
  14. Max Factor Glossfinity Cerise
  15. ELF Cranberry
  16. ELF Rosy Raisin
  17. Rimmel I<3 Lasting Finish Cranberry Zest
  18. Rimmel Space Dust Total Eclipse
  19. Flormar Matte Nail Enamel M07

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What is your favorite nail polish?

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