My scarf collection

The perfect fall accessory? Why a scarf of course! It makes for a nice extra layer that keeps you warm. With the amount of wind we’re having and will be having over her, it’s good to have plenty of scarves hand. And so, over the years, I have gathered a bunch of them. I use them to layer over my winter coat, but also as an accessory to my outfit in general. Why where one scarf if you can wear two?

The whole collection together. I hang them from a hanger that I got from IKEA. It’s a gathering of rings through which you can loop belt, ties or like I did: scarves. I have this hanging from the side of one of my bookcases. So it’s nice and tucked away. I leave one row of rings free between each layer of scarves, so they don’t get all bunched up and bulky. And it makes for easy access as well. You can find the exact hanger, which is from the Komplement series, here.

Houndstooth scarf (Pieces)
Tartan scarf (H&M)
Mauve/ taupe knitted scarf (Six)
Red/ orange/ grey/ white knitted scarf (random store that is since long gone)

On to the scarves. This first batch are my some of my outdoor scarves. The top two are the ones I am currently using most. The bottom two I only tend to use with specific coats or jackets. The houndstooth one is also my newest addition. It’s huge and fluffy so I’m sure that come winter time, it will be very useful. The tartan scarf is the one I’m currently using with my leather jacket. The mauve/ taupe knit gets paired with my navy peacoat and I also have the matching hat. The last scarf I’ve had for year and it’s 100% wool. Insanely warm and only apt when it’s -20.

Patchwork scarf (random stall at a NYC Christmas market)
Grey/ white knitted circle scarf (HEMA)
Dark grey knitted circle scarf (Pieces)
Navy & white geometric print scarf (Primark, men’s section)

The second round of scarves I also tend to use mostly along with some outerwear. Though the grey knitted ones do get worn indoors as well. The patchwork scarf I bought years ago when I was in NYC with a friend. We were both cold and needed scarves. This one matched the jacket I was wearing perfectly. By now, I only wear this scarf when I wear that jacket. The grey scarves are also two of my faves. They are both very warm and worn in a little. They also drape around my neck nicely so I love wearing those as much as I can. The navy scarf also goes with one particular coat I own: a duffel coat.

Seafoam circle scarf (Urban Outfitters)
Leopard print scarf (Zara)
Tie dye circle scarf (Costes)
Black scarf (Pieces)

On to my more fashionable scarves. These aren’t particularly thick, so I don’t wear these outside, but they still make for a good accessory. I like pairing these with otherwise plain outifts mostly. The leopard one I like to wear with an all black outfit. The seafoam one with anything that needs a bit of an edge and the same goes for the tie dye one. The black one is just a nice basic to have. It is very large so I sometimes bring this with me in summer as well when I know I will get home late and might get cold, but don’t want to bring a jacket.

Red knit circle scarf (Pieces)
Faux fur leopard print collar scarf (ZARA)
Black knit circle scarf (Pieces)
White & rainbow colored circle collar scarf (Zara)
Black faux fur shawl like scarf (H&M)

The final scarves I don’t tend to wear as often but I still keep them at hand. The red and black ones are identical and a thin knit which makes for a great indoor scarf. I used to wear scarves 24/7 a few years ago and these are still a leftover from that period. I keep this just in case I want to start wearing scarves more regularly again. The faux fur scarves I save for special occasions. I have only ever worn the black faux fur shawl to some of the vintage parties a friend of mine throws. The two collar scarves are nice, but a tad impractical at times, which is why they aren’t my faves. I like them too much to get rid of them though and I do like to wear these from time to time.

What’s your favorite scarf?

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