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As the days are getting colder and I’m spending more time indoors, I have really been into homewear lately. In case you didn’t know I started revamping my living space last year and by now I really want to finish things up. I’ve been eyeballing plenty of items: from furniture to decorations (yes, even the Christmas stuff that’s out now), I’ve decided on a few things I would like to get before the end of the year. And I thought: what better way to end our fall series then a post that focuses completely on staying snug & warm inside?

My lil’ studio

If you care to read why I have this incessant need to change things up, you can read about it here (and see a before picture to what you see above). I threw away tons of stuff last year and already bought a few bits and bobs to update my space. I got some new furniture around Christmas and also bought some little trinkets. I had plenty more plans for updating my living space, but none came to fruition because life got in the way. By now, I’m back into the swing of things so I also want to pick up my room update. And here’s how!

Stornäs dining room table (Ikea)
Ikea PS 2012 side table (Ikea)

The biggest change will be a new dining room table. It looks really small on the picture but it will be bigger than the one I now have. Plus, this thing is extendable, which means you can make it even bigger. Great for when I have friends coming over for dinner with their kids. The cube is a side table and I want to use this for taking pictures for the blog. The top is white so that is great and I hope it will be sturdy but lightweight enough because the frame is, I believe, bamboo.

Nordmyra dining chair (Ikea)
Tobias dining chair (Ikea)

With a new dining room table I will also have to get some new chairs. I want to get a few which are easy to stack because I don’t have any space for extra space otherwise. That’s why I want to buy the wooden chairs as they are stackable and don’t take up much space. The transparent chairs have been on my wishlist ever since I saw them at a friend of a friend’s place. They are a bit more expensive but I think it will open up the space a bit more and I like the contrast of having a massive wooden table with a transparent chair.

Malm chest of drawers in white washed oak (Ikea)
Tjusig shoe rack (Ikea)

I also need some storage space and of course Ikea is the king of all things storage, so I want to buy this chest of drawers and shoe rack from there. Funny thing is that I already have both. However, the Malm I currently have is in a darker color that I don’t like anymore and doesn’t match the rest of my furniture. I already have a double shoe rack like this, but ehm… well… Lets just say I have so many shoes that I need some more.

Böja lamps (here and here) (Ikea)

It’s not that I don’t have any lamps. I do. The ones I have though were bought on a whim by my parents when I first moved out or belonged to my grandparents. In short, they are either hand me downs or bought for practical reasons. I just want to get some more unity and conformity in my furnishings and have a matching set of lamps will just do the trick.

HEMA bed sheets in Chambray & Trenton

When talking about conformity: my bed is in the same room as the rest of my living space. So I also want to have some new bed sheets that fit better with the overall theme I’m going with (which is wood, grey, red and a splash of white, in case you were wondering). The sheets I have currently are a bright pink and tartan print, which was great when I was a student, but I’m not feeling them anymore. I spotted these sheets at HEMA and love them. I think they will suit nicely in my updated room.

Copper baskets (H&M, here and here)

The only reason why these two wire baskets are in my wishlist is because I think they look cool. I have no clue yet what to do with them, but I know that they will come in handy in any case.

Velvet pillow case (H&M)
Grey knitted throw (H&M)

Last year I already got some pillow cases from H&M and I love them. So this time around I thought I could get some more. This dark red is gorgeous and will go great with the theme. I also need a new throw. I have a fleece blanket with leopard print and a woolen blanket to keep me warm while I’m on the couch, watching something. But I don’t like both anymore and the woolen blanket also a nice pukey green color. So again, I need something that is more in line with my personal taste.

Sequined pillow cases in silver & red (H&M)

These aren’t the most practical pillow cases, but I thought these would be so much fun for the winter season. I could just have these on my couch in the run up to Christmas and then switch them round for something different once winter is over.

Glass jar (H&M)

One thing I did last year was throw away tons of decoration trickets I wasn’t using anymore. I decided to keep everything nice and clean. But now that I’ve seen this jar, I think I need it in my life. Again, no clue what to do with this yet. Maybe I can use it to make some DIY Christmas decorations? Who knows…

What is your favorite item on my wishlist?

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  1. Die lampen en kussens zijn echt superleuk! Ik woon nu een half jaar op mezelf en ik blijf maar rondkijken naar leuke meubels etc haha, het is nooit af! Fijn artikel met leuke inspiratie! 🙂

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