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Saving the best for last! Or at least my favorite category of make up products: eyeshadow. I love a good eyeshadow. It was my first make up love and especially during fall and winter I love to put a little bit more effort into my eye looks. It’s when smokey eyes and deeper and darker colors are the norm rather than an exception. Sure, I still whack on a quick cream shadow on a busy day, but my eyeshadow palettes and singles shades get pulled out more and more as temperatures drop. Here are my favorite eyeshadow palettes and shades to use for fall.

This is just a selection of the colors I would like to label as my favorites and I even added a few honorable mentions at the bottom. I know, it’s a lot, but what can I say? I simply love eyeshadow, so that’s why. I will provide links to previous posts when available. I don’t have swatches on the blog of all of these, but I will link to them where possible. There were simply too many eyeshadows I wanted to include here to be able to include swatches without this becoming the longest post ever.

Catrice: Under Treasure & What do you Sea? & Don’t Touch My Mosserati

Taupe (one of my favorite eyeshadow shades in general), petrol and forest green with golden shimmer? Oh yes, puh-lease: gimme! These colors are gorgeous perfect for fall. The shimmery petrol What do you Sea is quite possibly the most special one of the three: I have nothing like it in my stash.

Kiko Color Fever Eyeshadow Palette 101

Cranberry shades galore! Cranberry is one of those shades I love for fall. You’ll find some high end alternatives to this below and in my honorable mentions list. I especially love the top right color.

Rimmel London Brixton Brown

I only bought this palette because of the red coppery color. Luckily I got this baby on sale. I haven’t used it much yet, as you can tell, but I have been waiting for fall to use it. Copper tones are again some of my favorites to wear for fall.

Urban Decay Vice 2 – Stash

Urban Decay Vice palette – Blitz (I’m wearing it in this blog post)

I could have mentioned so many more Urban Decay shades, but I decided on two: the best gold eyeshadow I currently own and a stunning golden olive green. The green is quite self-explanatory I guess, but the gold is great. It’s not glitterly at all, but a metallic shiny shade that just pops right off your lids. Especially nice combined with the olive green.

Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con The Starlet, bronze/ copper shade

When talking about copper shades: this bronze/ copper shade from the Marc Jacobs palette I picked up last summer, is also just perfect. It is highly pigmented and one of the most special colors of eyeshadow in my entire make up collection.

MAC eyeshadows in Green Smoke, Humid, Mulch, Antiqued, Star Violet, Cranberry & Coppering

I’m a huge fan of MAC eyeshadows to begin with and these colors represent almost half of the palette I own. There’s some greens, some reddish browns and some stunning purple/ cranberry shades. No one does cranberry colors like MAC’s cranberry.

The Balm Nude Tude (used in this video)

Just recently, I used this in a Get Ready with Me video and a full review of this palette is still in the works. I love how this has a burgundy and some pinks: it makes for a neutral palette with a fall twist.

Inglot eyeshadow: top palette, bottom palette

Inglot is another one of those loves. I have three of their freedom system palettes and two of them are these 5 pan palettes. I made these specifically to create fall looks. From the top row, the matte taupe, teal, grey and dark brown were my go to fall shades for a very long time. I later added the palette at the bottom with a stunning flesh toned highlight, a cool toned grey (that at first sight is just like the first one I bought, but nothing could be further from the truth), a dusty purple shade and the most stunning midnight navy blue.

Benefit Smokin’ Eyes palette

One of my favorite colors to pop onto my eyes for fall, apart from cranberries and coppers, are greys. This Benefit palette is one of the oldest palettes in my collection and I bring it out every time. I should definitely give this baby a full review some day, even though I’ve had it for such a long time. As you can see this has been well loved. I love wearing the shimmery grey all over the lid, the pink as a highlight and than the dark matte grey as a smokey liner. Fool proof look, every time.

Too Faced Naked Eye palette

If I’m not feeling the Benefit palette and want some more options, I can always reach for my other ‘grey option’. Again a palette I’ve had for years and that I used tons when I first bought it. Same as with the Benefit palette: I should review this some time. I mainly use and love Lap Dance, Unmentionables, Birthday Suit, Pillow Talk, like a Virgin and In the Buff. I combine them in different ways depending on my mood. In the Buff is my go to highlight in this palette, but I have used all the other shades in a number of ways. I love how versatile this is and how it’s so easy to create a neutral every day look, or a much more dramatic smokey eye.

Honorable mentions:

  1. Sleek – Vintage Romance palette: golds, cranberries, purples, this is right up my street.
  2. Sleek – I-Divine Ultra Matte V2 Darks: not my most used palette by any means, but it has the most stunning matte forest green.
  3. Dior – Trafalgar: wrote a full review on this. It has a beautiful cranberry red as well as a tarnished gold color.
  4. Catrice – Al Burgundy: it’s a burgundy shade, need any more explanation?
  5. Essence – Hello Autumn: nicely bronzy brown shades with a few dark greens thrown in, this is a cheap but nonetheless very fall proof palette, as the name suggests

What are your favorite fall eyeshadow colors?

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  1. xchinouk Avatar

    Super leuk om te zien en wat lekker veel verschillende tinten! Zelf ben ik altijd een beetje voorzichtig met hele warme, brons/koper kleuren want dat staat me niet geweldig. De koelere tinten spreken me wel enorm aan, dus toen ik bij je “11 shades of taupe’ artikel terecht kwam was ik helemaal blij haha. Ik ga sowieso eventjes kijken naar die Catrice Under Treasure oogschaduw, want die is zo lekker goedkoop!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Doen, die is echt beeldschoon en niet duur idd.

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