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One of my favorite seasons to dress for is fall. I love how I can layer without getting overheated and some of my favorite pieces in my closet are best worn during fall. For today’s post I’d combine two things: an overview of my favorite fall fashion trends and showing you some of my favorite fall clothing items. You can bet that in the next couple of lookbooks I’ll be doing for fall and winter you’ll be seeing a few of these items styled up just the way I like wearing them.

Trend #1: Faux fur

Faux fur vest (H&M)

I don’t own many faux fur items, but once I got my hands on this, I decided to hang onto it. This is super warm and fluffy and easy to put over long sleeved shirts as an extra layering piece. Especially a great item to wear on those dreary windy, rainy days. It makes for instant cuddles as well as warmth.

Trend #2: Nordic & tartan print

Trend #3: Red

Red nordic print cardigan (H&M)
Tartan print A-line dress (Topshop)

In these items there are a number of things happening. The nordic print isn’t the only thing hip and happening about this H&M cardigan that I like to wear as a sweater. It’s also about 3 sizes to big for me, making it nicely oversized and it is in THE fall color: red. The tartan dress is on point because of its print and cut. A-line dresses are all the rage right now and I found it hard to find one that suited my body type, but once I did it was also in this nifty tartan print: a two-for-one deal.

Trend #4: Houndstooth or pied-de-poule print

Houndstooth print scarf (Pieces)

Stores were filled to the brim with this print this year and it is one of my favorites, after polka dots. I do not only own this scarf, but also a pair of heels, a button down shirt, a dress and a skirt. I think it makes for an instant classy feel. This scarf is also humongous. I bet I could wear this as a cape. It is also super warm and fluffy. Win-win!

Trend #5: Leopard print

Snow leopard print button down shirt with black collar (H&M)

I’ve had this shirt in my closet for a few years now, but I still love it to pieces. I don’t own many printed button down shirts, which is one of the reason why I covet this one. I also love the print. I’m not big on leopard and only own a handful of pieces with the print (and most of them accessories). But when I saw this snow leopard version, in the black and white I thought it looked so much better than the standard brown and cream.

Trend #6: Teddy bear coat

Trend #7: Camel

Camel ‘teddy bear’ coat (ZARA)

I bought this coat last year, not knowing it would be the hottest thing on the planet come this year’s fall/ winter season. For one, it is camel. I am decidedly against grey or black winter coats, no matter how classy they may look. It’s boring so that was one condition my new winter coat had to meet last year. I also wanted it to be at least 50% wool. And that’s what this is. It is lined with wool, stuffed with wool and the outer shell is wool. The outer shell is also made of this brushed teddy bear look wool, which makes it super soft and cozy. This is one trend I hope stays around.

Trend #8: Velvet

Black velvet skater dress (New Look)

If there is one material that will keep you warm, it’s velvet. This crushed velvet skater dress thus only gets brought out during fall winter. It’s simply to warm any other time of the year. The fact that it has sleeves also makes this much more appropriate for this time of year. I only got into this trend recently, so I only have the one dress, a shirt and a hair tie, but I’m sure if I find any fun items in this material (a skater skirt is high on the list) I will definitely consider them.

Trend #9: Forest green

Forest green midi skirt (Asos)

Another color that is fall proof is forest green. And this midi length skirt is one of my favorite items I own in this color. It is made of a thick almost scuba like material, is highwaisted and when warn, looks very retro. Despite the color it’s a very easy to style piece. I simply pair it with a button down shirt and a pair of booties and I’m out the door.

Trend #10: Pastel

Baby blue cardigan (H&M)
Peach knit sweater (H&M)

I love how lately fall and winter colors aren’t limited to dark and dreary ones, but also includes some softer pastels. My favorite pastels? Peach and baby blue. The blue cardigan is made of a very fluffy material and really warm despite it’s deceptively thin looking material. The sweater is a cotton knit, but I love that for fall. I don’t wear chunky knit woolen sweaters until winter time.

What are your favorite fall trends?

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  1. Petra Avatar

    Ik zie geen plaatjes… snik… :’-(

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Nu weer wel. Hoor denk dat Photobucket er vannacht uit heeft gelege 😉

  2. Petra van der Heijden Avatar

    Nu zie ik ze wel, hoewel alleen op de tablet en niet op mn foon…
    Anyway, noorse patronen zijn mijn winterfavoriet! Mijn noorse vest is vorig jaar 10 geworden en ik zal m dragen tot-ie uit elkaar valt 😛

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Ja jij hebt zeker een echte? Ik heb gewoon een H&M ding.

  3. Petra van der Heijden Avatar

    En velvet <3 En gebreide truien!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar


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