Top nail polishes for fall

Like I love wearing plums and berries on my lips right now, I’m also digging this color on my nails. But there are a few other colors that I love wearing this time around. Golds and purples, but also a dark blue are high on the list. In any case, as long as it’s dark and mysterious, I’m game.

As you can see I’ve got a nicely balanced selection again to show you. There are two budget polishes, two mid priced ones and then OPI of course takes the cake and is definitely a high end nail polish brand. But they do so many color so they had to be mentioned. The Catrice polish is a very recent addition to my collection, but just stunning and so I had to give it a mention here.

Catrice First Class Up-Grape

Seriously, isn’t this the most stunning plum color you have ever seen? This polish is new to the line for fall/ winter 2014 and I had been eyeing it up straight away. Deciding it wasn’t anything too special I didn’t give it a second thought. Until I found it on some promotional material, where it was suggested to wear this in combination with a gold glitter and I was sold! It looks more duochrome and not as dark in the bottle as on the swatch, but this is definitely a dark plum shade.

Barry M Matte nail paint in Crush

Matte nail polish looks super classy, but is usually not very longlasting. All of my top coats are shiny, so I can’t put those over the nail polish as it would ruin the matte effect. However, I still this is stunning. These were new to the Barry M line last year, but you can still get them. This burgundy shade is stunning and just great for fall.

Essie After School Boy Blazer

This is the darkest blue you’ve ever seen. It’s so dark that it looks almost black, but in the right light the blue still shines through. I have a few of these by OPI (Lincoln Park at Midnight and Midnight in Moscow) that have a similar effect but with purple and red. This is a stunning navy which again is a great fall color. I also love how glossy and opaque this is. It makes my hands look really pale though. But I sometimes like that snow white effect.

Maybelline Express Finish Venetian Gold

Does Maybelline still do this shade? I don’t think so. I only ever saw it once, when I bought it, but this is one of my favorite gold nail polishes I own. Lots of gold nail polish is very yellow, but this has more of an antiqued or tarnished finish which I love. It’s got a hint of green which makes it almost khaki or olive. Paired with First Class Up-Grape this will look stunning, but also on its own this is a fabulous color to wear.

OPI Every Month is Octoberfest

I added this polish at the last minute. I had just been wearing it on my nails and loved it. It’s a tad darker than the Catrice one you see above. In certain lights this looks like a dark brown or black but then that stunning red/ burgundy shine peeps through and it’s just gorgeous. One of those shades where you keep staring at your nails all day, because it seems to change depending on how the light hits it.

OPI Liquid Sands bond girl collection Vesper

Sadly this was limited edition, but I love myself a good liquid sands polish. I know the hype is long gone, but I still love these textured nail polishes. Again, not the most long wearing polishes as you ruin the effect with a top coat, but still a great change up from my every day cream finish polishes with a layer of glitter on top.  Vesper is my most coveted and special liquid sands polish. I personally love the deep purple base with the black glitters. This looks like tar to some people, to me it’s one of the classiest and sophisticated polishes I own.

What do you wear on your nails in fall?

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