Tuned up Thursday: music albums for fall

When the weather takes a turn for the worse, or if the days are getting a little gloomy, I tend to listen to even more music then I normally do. I don’t know if that’s even possible, but somehow I squeeze in more time to just sit around with a cup of tea and listen to some of my favorites. Come fall time, I like listening to music that either enhances that gloomy mood, reflecting the weather outside, or I go the complete opposite and play something that is more apt alongside sunshine and cocktails on the beach. In any case, these are 5 (well 6, actually) albums I go back to all the time when the leaves start to fall.

Volcano Choir – Unmap:

This album is a tad experimental and I’m sure not to everyone’s taste. But it is quiet and lovely, despite its weird harmonies, off beat sections and empty spaces. Volcano Choir is Justin Vernon from Bon Iver and a bunch of old buddies from back home in Wisconsin. And I think you can hear Wisconsin in this album, even if I’ve never even been there. At times it’s bleak, at times it has something unexpected popping up. But this is the type of album you simply put on play and lets you ride along its loopy, estranging sounds.

Tennis – Young & Old:

I love Tennis! They just released a new album and I so have to get my hands on that. In any case, this represents my need for an injection of sunshine in my life this time of year. This laid back almost surfy sound, just reminds me of California beaches and boulevards. It’s a bit of pop, and a bit of indie and a bit of everything pretty much and can I just say I love the vocals: smooth and sweet.

London Grammar – If You Wait:

Are you getting tired of me yet? I have been mentioning London Grammar at least 3 times a month lately but I just can’t help myself. So what else can I say about London Grammar that you don’t know yet? I’ve already mentioned how soothing and relaxing I find their music. How I’ve loved their concert in early October at the HMH, and how this album was one of my favorites for 2013. And I know I’ll be mentioning them again very soon as they did a great remix of Chris Isaac’s Wicked Game that I just fell in love with.

James Vincent McMorrow – Early in the Morning:

Another artist I’ve mentioned frequently on here. I saw him live in 2012 and wrote a report on his show. I even dubbed him my current favorite artist in 2011. And this album still holds its magic for me. This album holds the middle ground for me between gloomy and happy songs, as it has a nice mix of the two. Some songs start quite sad and gloomy, but then breaks off into a more upbeat tune. No matter what I do, if I play this album it always makes me feel good.

Twilight Eclipse soundtrack & score:

A two for one deal, as they are related. I used to be pretty much into Twilight as it was happening and of all the movies, Eclipse is my favorite (it’s also my favorite book in the series btw). And not in the first place because of the more than excellent soundtrack and score. Several of these songs are still floating around my playlist 4 odd years later and that is quite amazing. If you don’t care to listen to the whole thing I highly suggest these tracks:

Florence & the Machine – Heavy in your Arms, The Bravery – Ours, Sia – My Love, The Black Keys – Chop and Change, Beck & Bat for Lashes – Let’s Get Lost, Vampire Weekend – Jonathan Low, UNKLE – With You in My Head (ft. Black Angels), Eastern Conference Champions – A Million Miles an Hour, Band of Horses – Life on Earth, Bombay Bicycle Club – How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep. And from the score definitely check out Mountain Peak.

That’s it: my favorite music to listen to this time of year.

What are yours?

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