H&M wishlist (fall/ winter 2014)

A girl can’t have everything she wishes for, but a girl can most certainly dream. I guess that’s why we make wishlists not? A few weeks ago I showed you my homewear wishlist, but what I usually make wishlists for is fashion. I don’t make them very consciously. I usually find myself browsing some website and end up chucking things in the shopping cart, and then deleting everything. Unless…. the website has a function that saves it automatically, like H&M.

H&M is one of my favorite stores to shop online. The shipping is pretty okay, you have several options for payment and I know what size I am roughly in all their items by now. Just to be sure, I don’t only look at how the item fits the model (they are about a foot taller than I am, and about 3 sizes slimmer anyway) but I always read the description and check the composition materials. Does it have stretch? Is it a normal fit or skinny fit? Then I pick my size and size up if I think it may be a bit too small. Here are 10 items I picked for this season that I’d love to add to my wardrobe.

Red lace long sleeved dress with circle skirt (34.99)
Dark grey mesh dress with flared skirt and long sleeves (29.99)

Dresses! Even if it’s freezing outside, I’ll wear a dress. Having one with long sleeves can then add to how warm you are. I don’t have too many long sleeved dresses so these two would make a nice addition to my wardrobe. Red is one of my favorite colors and the flowy circle skirt and lace combo gives this dress a fun and flirty look. Another thing I don’t really own is a grey dress. I have one, but it’s got a low back and no sleeves. Thus, not very winter appropriate.

T-shirt with sweetheart neckline in grey & black (9.99)
Burgundy t-shirt with rolled sleeves (7.99)
Boxy grey t-shirt with small pocket (7.99)

A good basic t-shirt is a staple in my wardrobe and I like the feel and fit of the H&M shirts, so I own tons of them. Do I really need any more t-shirts? No, I probably don’t, especially not during winter, but I like to always keep a few on hand, just in case. I like the top two shirts because of the sweetheart neckline which is very romantic and flirty and perfect to go with skirts. The bottom two shirts are a bit more boxy and I love wearing these types of shirts with jeans or underneath a jacket.

Faux leather skater skirt in black (19.99)
Crushed velvet skater skirt in black (9.99)
Black jersey pencil skirt (9.99)
Black biker leggings (14.99)

For bottoms, I love wearing skirts and H&M have a few around that I currently like. The top two are flowy skater style skirt, which is my favorite style of skirt. I love skirts that have a bit of texture, and so the faux leather and crushed velvet look are right up my street. I’ve been looking for a black velvet skirt for ages too. The pencil skirt I already own in a striped pattern and I love it. It’s stretchy and thus super comfortable, so I’d like to have this in black too as it’s such a staple. Biker style leggings still need to happen in my life, I just haven’t found a pair of nice ones that could possibly pass as pants. I am curious how thick these would be.

What is on your winter wishlist?

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  1. Ik shop ook heel graag online bij H&M en dan vooral de sale. Ik vind alleen de kwaliteit soms echt heel slecht. Je moet er de mooie dingen uitpikken zeg maar. Ook vind ik dat (voor de kwaliteit die je krijgt) de prijzen soms hoog zijn. Het valt mij op dat je tegenwoordig voor dezelfde prijs ook bij de Mango of de Zara iets kan krijgen en dan vaak van veel mooiere stof etc. Ook vind ik de 4,90 verzendkosten echt belachelijk 😁 moet beter kunnen. Vroeger kon je daar met kortingscodes nog omheen maar dat is nu niet meer mogelijk. Maar ondanks dit alles bestel ik er toch vaak lol ☺️

    • Ik heb altijd wel geluk bij H&M. Heb bij ZARA ergere miskopen gehad. Komt misschien ook omdat ik H&M producten zo goed ken. Even letten op de omschrijving en ik weet al of ik iets het geld waard vind of niet.

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