Butter London Bit Faker

Butter London is a brand that I had been eying up for a long time, but from which I never bought anything. Whenever I ran into it in stores abroad, I never found a color I liked or that I didn’t have yet. However, I was curious because so many people rave about the brand. When I was in London last month, I saw this gorgeous color and I decided to pick it up.

Butter London Bit Faker

Bit Faker is a gorgeous glitter polish. It goes on opaque in 2 coats. Which for a glitter, is excellent. Lasting power is a bit disappointing, but I will say a bit more about that below. All in all I can tell you I was very impressed by this polish when I first applied it. I don’t have many polishes of which I like the color on my nails better than what I see in the little pot. In fact, I think this may be the first one.

This color can best be described as a copper/ bronze glitter with black and gold flecks mixed in. This variation in color makes this polish special and one of those polishes that just keeps you looking at your nails all day. The glitter is far more intense in real life then the effect you see in these pictures. Unfortunately my camera had a hard time picking up on the gorgeousness. The fact that I had to resort to the fluorescent light of my kitchen also didn’t help.

The texture of this polish is very thick and gritty, due to the density of the glitters. When I first applied this, I already thought that this polish wouldn’t last long. And alas, I was right. You can see a bit of a gap on my little finger, because I accidentally bumped my nail before it had dried completely. I was able to pick this right off my nails within 24 hours of applying it and by that time it had already chipped majorly and I had lost one nail already throughout the day.

What I found strange about this polish is that it seemed absorb my topcoat like I hadn’t even applied it. It took quite long to dry because of that and I think that’s also why it didn’t last very long. I think next time I’ll need to apply two thin coats of top coat to see if I can make it last a little bit longer. But even if I can’t this will always be one of my more special polishes.

Because despite it’s lack of lasting power, I still love this nail polish. I mean, look at that sparkle, look at that color! This is a great polish to wear if you’re going to a party and you need something on your nails just for the night. The fact that this also goes on opaque in just two coats is quite rare for a glitter polish and so I cannot hate on this.

Have you tried any Butter London nail polish?

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