Tuned up Thurday: Music of the Moment (November 2014)

The end of November is near and so I need to share with you some of my latest musical discoveries. I spent all summer finding new playlists and it has taken some time to go through all that. I only got my hands on some new music a few weeks ago and so there are still some older songs in this post as a result. There’s 10 songs that all have a bit of a dancy feel to them. I always have a hard time saying goodbye to summer musicwise, so I have plenty of happy songs in here, but of course I cannot ignore the dark and the gloom. In other words: there is a little bit of everything, as usual. But like always, it’s all indie too. And I’m not going to say too much about these either. Just give them a listen and enjoy!

Alt-J (∆) – Lovely Day

aywy. X Ekali – Another Girl

COSBY – Love and War

El_Txef_A – Broken Bridges

John Tavener – The Lamb (BAILE Remix)

Lloyd – Get It Shawty (Gryffin Remix)

Mansionair – Hold Me Down

Róisín Murphy – In Sintesi (Psychemagik Remix)

The Magician – Sunlight (Ft. Years and Years) [Radio Edit]

Tom Misch – Memory

What is your current favorite song?

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