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Taking care of your nails is important if you want them to look good. I recently found out again how true that is. For over a year I had been using the Trind Nail Repair nail strengthener and then suddenly ran out. I had another nail strengthener lying around and figured: let’s use that before I repurchase. Little did I know that the one product in my nail routine that really made all the difference was Trind Nail Repair.

Trind Nail Repair

For years, from the age of 8 until I left college, I bit my nails. I’m guessing now that that was a coping mechanism for school stress, because the minute I graduated I stopped biting my nails. I started working and I just stopped doing it. As a result my nails started to grow, but because all the damage done by the biting, my nails were very brittle and didn’t grow very long. I found out they grew longer if I used nail polish. And then suddenly, that little trick didn’t work anymore.

I searched high and low for a solution. I already bought the Trind Nail Balsam to help nourish my dry nails. This combated splitting nails, but it didn’t help my nails from simply bending and folding over, causing nail polish to chip easily. It also caused easy rips and tears on my nails, so I knew I needed something else. One day I was at my local store buying nail polish and the girl recommended I’d try this product and lo and behold: I had strong nails that wouldn’t break. And the minute I stopped using it, my nails went back to their feeble selves in no time.

This is by far the least sexy looking product in the drugstore. The box is plain but simple and the product itself comes in a plain bottle and the liquid is a milky white color. But it works! It is also not very cheap: around 15 euros for a bottle. Paired with the Nail Balsam this stuff works like a dream. I first apply the balsem, let is sit and rub it in. Then I finish off with a layer of this stuff. The result: instant shine. When I’m wearing nail polish I simply use this as my base coat. That’s how well it works.

Information on the back of the package tells you that the product contains formaldehyde. You know, the stuff they use on dead bodies? No wonder this stuff works. Currently I’m using the product again for the first time in a while, so I’ve decided to go back to basics. I first made sure all my nails are the same length and apply this product now every day for 2 weeks. I have till this weekend to go before I’m done. I am cheating a little as I apply a new coat on top of another for 3 days and then take it off and start again.

The texture is thin yet gloopy. It looks like nothing in the bottle, but it works miracles. Right now, I’m only a week into using this and I’m already noticing a difference. Where before my nails would simply tear off, I can now get a small cut or chip in my nail and it will be okay until I can file it off.

This is also the reason why there are no pictures of my nails in this post. They are currently short, and a little worse for wear. I really need this stuff to make them strong and healthy looking. And when they do I always apply nail polish on top to make them look a bit better. Because of all the nail biting they never look that great just on their own and especially when they get longer the tips of my nails look gigantic against my tiny nail bed. So nail polish it is.

What do you use to take care of your nails?

Click here to see a post with my natural unhealthy looking nails to understand where I’m coming from. And here it was already a lot better than it had been right after I stopped biting nails.

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