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It is no secret that one of my favorite drugstore brands for lipsticks is Catrice. When I spotted their Christmas limited edition collection in stores this year, I wasn’t too impressed at first. But I came, swatched and picked up two shimmery numbers as well as one of their new Ultimate Stay line. I already picked up one the brighter coral shades, which you can see in this review, but I thought why not also pick up a neutral one?

Catrice Viennart Limited Edition Shimmer Lip Color C03 Klimt’s Ardent Kiss
Catrice Viennart Limited Edition Shimmer Lip Color C01 Nude Nouveau
Catrice Ultimate Stay 020 All That She Wants

One reason I got sucked into the Viennart limited edition lipsticks was because of the packaging, which I absolutely adore. I bought both the nude and the red from that collection as well as a deeper nude color from the Ultimate Stay collection. All three shades are very wearable, even the shimmery ones. As you will see in the lipswatches below: they are not as shimmery as they may seem at first glance.

This is the Viennart packaging. Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous? Other than the embossed print along the side and the gunmetal shiny packaging these lipsticks are as you can expect from Catrice. All three are highly pigmented and pretty long wearing. I have to say I don’t notice much of a difference between the Ultimate Stay and regular lipsticks, but Catrice lipsticks do last longer than most lipsticks. I always make sure I don’t drink or eat anything about 1.5 hours after applying lipstick when I go to work. I apply my lipstick on the train after I finish having breakfast and I find that really helps the lasting power of these. Let’s have a closer look at the colors.

Catrice Ultimate Stay 020 All That She Wants

First of all, I picked up this gorgeous mauvy neutral shade. I spotted this at the same time when I bought the coral shade in this line. However, at the time this color was sold out and there was nothing but a tester left. When I saw this again I quickly snatched it up. It’s definitely a darker neutral toned lipstick, but I really like those. My lips are fairly pigmented and so a true nude usually has my natural lip color shining through. This is a full on color with a satin finish, which I think really suits my complexion. It’s a great neutral shade for fall/ winter as it has a hint of brown to it without it looking dated.

Catrice Viennart Limited Edition Shimmer Lip Color C01 Nude Nouveau

The first lipstick I picked up from the Viennart Limited Edition collection is this peachy nude with gold shimmer. Like I said, when I first saw these, I wasn’t feeling it. But then I returned to the store, swatched it and thought this could amp up any nude lipstick that is otherwise matte. I have found that I like nude lips, but since they can make me look a bit dead, I need some shimmer or shine to amp up the color. Most people would use a bit of lip gloss to do that, however, I dislike lipgloss with a passion and thus I thought: why not buy this. I’m pretty sure a touch of this in the middle of a nude lip would be as fabulous as a sparkling lipgloss, but minus the sticky texture.

Catrice Viennart Limited Edition Shimmer Lip Color C03 Klimt’s Ardent Kiss

Gorgeous lipstick with a gorgeous name! I visited Vienna last summer and Klimt is everywhere so it’s not only very apt with the collection but also a good way of naming this lipstick. It’s a full on red, with golden shimmer in it. Especially in this color, the shimmer is barely visible on the lips. Instead, what is left is a healthy glow. If you like your lips to look ‘juicy’ then this is a lip color for you! Too bad it is limited edition. I wore this in one of my Christmas inspiration looks, which went online on Saturday. Feel free to click here to see that and the other two looks I created.

All That She Wants, Nude Nouveau, Klimt’s Ardent Kiss

Time for swatches! What did I tell you: full on color, on all of these. Even the shimmery nude shade. The Ultimate Stay lipstick isn’t as precise at applying color as the other two. At least, not straight from the bullet. But I find that the shape still works nicely with my lips. Below you can see these lipsticks swatched on my lips (so you can see what I mean by having pigmented lips), as well as a full face,  so you can see what they look like with my hair and skintone. The colors are swatched in the same order as discussed in the rest of this blog post.

Which one of these do you think is my favorite? I love all three of them, but the nude color doesn’t do much for me. It’s subtle and the gold shimmer is the only thing that is really visible. Like I said, I don’t intend to wear this as is, as I am doing here. You can see however that it gives a bit of glow. Like a highlighter for your lips almost. I love the semi-matte finish of All That She Wants in the first picture. It makes for a softer expression and this will go great with a heavier eye look. Last there is the red, which I personally find, looks best on me. It adds an instant bit of interest to my face, goes great with my complexion and the golden sparkles are barely noticeable. Instead, my lips look moisturized and healthy.

All in all, I’m in love with these lipsticks. They are great additions to my make up collection as they serve different purposes and go with different looks. I’m sure I’ll be wearing these lots, especially that red. Before buying this, I wouldn’t have thought a shimmery lip color could look so great.

What is your opinion on shimmery lip colors?

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  1. Marlies - GM&PB Avatar

    Wow, nice colors! I’ve never bought one from Catrice, but I might have to change that 😉

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      You should! Catrice do some great lipsticks.

  2. husnapolat Avatar

    Ik ben zelf niet zo een glanzende lipstick fan maar dit ziet er wel heel mooi uit.

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Ja ik was in het begin ook skeptisch, maar deze vond ik toch wel heel erg geslaagd.

  3. youniqueblog Avatar

    Wauw, wat een gave verpakkingen. Ik vind vooral die laatste tint je echt héél goed staan 🙂 Zeker voor de tijd van het jaar!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Dank je en idd ik vond die rood ook heel kerstig.

  4. Anouk Avatar

    Wat een mooie kleurtjes! De eerste en laatste zijn mijn favoriet. Ze staan je ook goed zeg!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Dankjewel voor je lieve comment.

  5. bianca Avatar

    wat een prachtige kleuren !

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Ja hè? Ik hou heel erg van deze lipsticks.

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