Catrice Viennart & Essence Come to Town nail polish

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you made it into the new year safe and sound and I wish you all the best for 2015. Today’s post is short but sweet as I am still recuperating from dinner with friends and am quite possibly on my way to celebrate New Year’s Day with my family. Since today is Thursday, I thought why not start off the new year with some nail polish.

Essence Come to Town Lametta Topper 01 The Most Wonderful Tree
Catrice Viennart 03 LilART Lily

The two nail polishes I’d like to show you are from the Christmas limited editions of Essence and Catrice. The Essence collection as a whole didn’t really tickle my fancy, except for this awesome green top coat. The Catrice limited edition was more up my alley and I already reviewed two lipsticks from the line. In true trend fashion the Viennart nail polish is super shiny and metallic.

Essence Come to Town Lametta Topper in 01 The Most Wonderful Tree

First up: how apt is the name of this polish? This green topcoat is a perfect glittery forest green. The glitter is mainly a small bar but there are also some multicolor reflex in the bottle. The result? As if you’ve painted a Christmas tree with multicolor lights onto your nails. I was quite surprised when I swatched this. The swatch is two coats and nearly opaque. For a glitter topcoat, that is definitely not too shabby.

Catrice Viennart in 03 LilART Lily

I told you this would metallic didn’t I? I honestly fell in love with the color of this polish. It’s a mauvy-silvery lilac shade. It’s a very soft and muted color, but in combination with the metallic shine, it is lifted to a completely new plain. For a metallic polish this didn’t swatch too streaky: it’s actually quite good on that front. It also goes on opaque in 2 coats. Perfect wintery pastel if you ask me.

What do you think of metallic nail polish?

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