5 favorite face brushes

A good tool makes all the difference when it comes to make up. And I find that especially goes for face make up. Yes, eye brushes can make or break a look, but so does patchy, cakey looking face make up. In order to get the most flawless finish possible, there are a few brushes that I love that do just that.

Favorite face brushes

In total I’m showing you 5 brushes, but I only use three of these on a regular basis anymore. You know how it goes: you buy something to try out and you end up loving it so much that you keep using that. However, when it comes the 2 brushes that are not part in my regular rotation, they are still brought out for special occasions.

Sigma F25 Tapered Face

The first brush I’m showing you is my current favorite powder brush. This wasn’t a cheap brush but it’s been a game changer. It picks up powder beautifully and because it is super light and fluffy never applies too much product. Its tapered, pointed shape allows for precise and easy application in targeted areas on the face. And that’s how I apply powder nowadays: I only powder those areas that need it rather than my entire face. And for that purpose this brush is perfect as if fits right into my under eye area and next to my nose.

Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki

Meet my ‘old’ powder brush. This is the brush I used to use when I still powdered my entire face. I still use this when I want to create a super matte finish. The flat surface makes for a brush that picks up quite a bit of product and when you then press rather than brush the product on, this brush gives you the most flawless matte finish. I find it a bit too big for foundation as the hairs splay outwards quite a bit, but for powder this is great. It is also super soft which helps with it still being part of my make up routine occasionally.

Sigma F82 Round Kabuki

A brush that is definitely part of my daily make up routine is the only brush I use for foundation. And that’s this one! It is a rather small, yet very dense brush that is a pain to clean, but that applies foundation so nicely to my skin. I have tried many methods of foundation application: from stippling brushes to flat top kabuki brushes to standard foundation brushes and my fingers. Nothing makes for an even, yet natural application like this brush. The brush has a little bit of give but not too much and its round shape allows you to really buff the product into the skin.

ELF Complexion brush (studio line)

My very first powder brush! That’s right when I first got into make up, I went on a budget when it came to brushes and thus bought some ELF brushes. The only one still part of my make up routine is this Complexion Brush. I don’t use this regularly, but whenever I’m traveling or staying somewhere overnight, I take this brush with me because it is such a multitasker! Despite the synthetic hairs this product is great at picking up the right amount of product and I use this not only for face powder but also for blush, bronzer and highlight. That’s right! This brush is a true allrounder and is all you need when you don’t want to carry a traincase full of make up.

Real Techniques Deluxe Crease brush

Finally a brush that went into my routine the minute I got it. I am not too sure about this brush being a ‘crease’ brush but it does wonders for my concealer. I can use this to apply concealer from a pot or I simply dot some on my under eye area straight from the tube. I take this brush to blend it out. As a final touch I use my finger to make sure it is super well blended. Applying concealer hasn’t been this easy in a life time. The domed shape of this brush make it great for evenly spreading out the product so the amount of creasing is limited to the absolute minimum.

What are your favorite face brushes?

7 responses to “5 favorite face brushes”

    • Dat is ie ook. Hij is lekker zacht, maar voelt wel niet zo echt aan als een Real Techniques brush. Die zijn ook van synthetisch haar gemaakt, maar bij de ELF brush voel je dat wel vind ik. Hij voelt heel glad aan, maar hij prikt niet en doet zijn werk goed!

  1. Great, helpful post! What do you think of the quality difference between Sigma and ELF? I’m an idiot, I’ll spend $50 on a foundation and then have a hard time spending a lot on a good brush haha. I have some ELF brushes that are surprisingly good and others that are not. I’m still undecided as to my opinion of the ELF flat top kabucki.

    • I bought the ELF studio powder brush (which looks like a flat top kabuki but it’s less dense) at the same time I bought the complexion brush. I used to use it for foundation all the time and I love it. Until the handle came loose. I still have it for emergencies, but I never use it often anymore because it’s actually broken. So when it comes to Sigma and ELF brushes and how they compare: I do think that Sigma brushes are much better. Most of them are made with real hair, they last a long time and maintain their shape better after multiple washes. If you’re willing to invest (because Sigma has become so expensive!), I say: go for Sigma. The F25 you see here is the most expensive brush I own (around €25) but it was worth every penny!

  2. Wat een mooi kwasten. Ik ben eigenlijk een beetje dom. Ik koop duren producten, maar kwasten geef ik liever geen geld aan uit. Terwijl ik weet dat het wel verschil maakt. Ik moet er toch maar wat aan doen. Al moet ik zeggen dat die van de Primark niet heel verkeerd zijn!

    • Zo ben ik ook begonnen hoor! En ik heb nog steeds kwastjes van de Hema en Essence die ik echt geweldig fijn vind en dagelijks gebruik. Tuurlijk maakt het verschil, maar ik denk dat het een kwestie van opbouwen is. Ik koop elk jaar een aantal kwasten erbij en zo bouw ik het arsenaal langzaam uit. Voor 2015 staan mijn eerste MAC kwasten op het lijstje…

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