How I style Topshop Leigh jeans

Topshop make some of my favorite jeans. The Jamie & Joni jeans are staples in my wardrobe and I created an article about how I style those up a few months ago. On my most recent London trip, I didn’t pick up any Joni or Jamie jeans. Instead, I opted for a light wash pair of Leigh jeans that comes with rips across the knees. Since most stores have started to stock up on their spring collections, I thought this article would be good to give some inspiration for styling up a pair of spring proof pants.

Because to me, this pair of jeans screams spring. From the light blue wash to the rips in the knees, this isn’t a pair of jeans you pull out during this time of year. However, if they didn’t have the rips, it would possibly a tad more appropriate already. The Leigh jeans differ from the Jamie and Joni jeans in the intense softness of the fabric. They are still highwaisted and stretchy though, so these have double the comfort. If you would like to see these on, please click here where I wore them in a fall lookbook.

1.) Black & white

Black & white striped shirt (Monki)
Chelsea boots (H&M)

My first outfit features otherwise monochrome colors. I paired the jeans with a fun striped sheer blouse and black Chelsea boots. This is an easy, no fuss outfit, that will suit anybody.

2.) The plain white T.

White v-neck t-shirt (Forever 21)
Converse sneakers

When you say light wash denim, I say white t-shirt. There is no combo more classic than this. To keep up the super casual vibe, I dusted off my trusty converse sneakers. I just know I will be living in this outfit the minute it gets warm enough to wear it.

3.) For the colder days

Grey cardigan (Sparkle & Fade via Urban Outfitters)
Black t-shirt (H&M)
Desert boots by Clarks (color = Wolf)

This outfit is similar to the one I wore in the lookbook I referred to above. It is also one of the outfits that is more for that transitional type of weather that is cool and reminiscent of winter. Grey cardigan (check), black t-shirt (check), comfy neutral shoes (check). This is an outfit I can throw on quite quickly. And if I really want to make this more winter appropriate I could always layer a skintoned pair of tights underneath to combat the cold from the rips.

4.) Crop top

Pink flamingo crop top (Mango)
Pink & black converse sneakers

A t-shirt with jeans and sneakers is a standard combo, but I decided to spice it up a bit by making the t-shirt a baby pink cropped top with flamingos. To amp up the pinkness, I pulled out a pair of pink sneakers that I have had for more than a decade. I purchased these pink and black converse sneakers from a store in Norfolk, Virginia. No clue, whether they are still available.

5.) Pair it with pastels

Seafoam knit sweater (H&M)
Baby pink faux suede pump (Van Haren)

Light wash denim also goes nicely with pastel items. I decided to try out a combo with a seafoam green sweater and baby pink faux suede heels. I think this could look really nice and it’s my favorite outfit here. It amps up the spring vibe for the jeans and I truly just want it to be spring. 6 more weeks to go!

What is your favorite way to combine light wash denim?

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