2015 Travel plans

After my very exciting travels in 2014, I was bitten by the travel bug quite seriously. So for 2015, the plans are bigger and better. Last year, I spent 3 weeks traveling Europe by train and I spent a few days in London. This year, I am going to travel further, will be traveling to see a friend and if there is still some money left, I might again go to one of my favorite cities in the world.

It didn’t take me long to decide on where to go to for my big summer trip: the US in some way shape or form. The last time I was there was 2012 so it’s time to go across the pond and be in the country I lived in for 6 months and took my first ever solo trip to when I was 19. The decision for the US was easily made, but I didn’t have any solid idea of where to go. I thought I’d may be able to catch one of the Britney Spears’ shows in Vegas, only to find out that during the time I would like to be traveling, she’s not doing any shows. So Las Vegas was out of the picture.

From Holland it is easiest to fly to New York and so that became the first city on my itinerary. I already have plans to meet up with a friend (who became the mother of twin girls since I last saw her 3 years ago!) and other then that I’m just going to go with the flow. Next stop will be Miami. I decided I was going to hit up some sunshine and I’ve never been to Florida. I want to make a day trip to the Everglades and quite possibly the Florida Keys. Then I’ll be moving on to Seattle and Vancouver. I have family in Vancouver, Canada and it’s not too far from Seattle. It will be a big change from Miami, but I wanted to do something on the West Coast, but not go back to LA just yet. On my way back, I’m hitting up Chicago. I was there 10 years ago, but at the time it was freezing and I was battling snow storms. I hope it will be different come early August.

So that will be my BIG trip this year. It will last 3 weeks, and I’m gradually making my way through the process of booking hotels and flights to get around. Apart from this huge trip, I will also be going on at least one smaller trip. In May I will be going to England to visit my friend Alison. She came over to Holland almost 2 years ago and now it’s my turn! I will be booking that ticket later this month. And if after my big vacation over summer I still have some money left, I will make sure to book another trip to London. But that all depends on my final expenses in the US of A & Cananda.

I hadn’t told you anything about my travel plans yet, as I wanted to make sure I had most of it set in stone. By now, I have booked my main flight to the US, a few domestic flights and all of the hotels. All that rests is my ticket to England to see Ali, two domestic flights for the US trip and a train ride to get from Seattle to Vancouver. And then hopefully a flight and a hotel for London! I’m so excited for this! I just wished it were spring/ summer yet.

What are your travel plans this year?

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  1. Wauw, wat een geweldig vooruitzicht. Dat wordt vast de reis van je leven <3 Ik zou ook heel graag een keer naar de USA willen, echt een grote droom van mij! Ik ga deze zomer naar Spanje, ook niet verkeerd aangezien ik dol ben op zon en warmte 🙂

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