Catrice Luminous Lips lipsticks

Last week I spotted the renewed Catrice line and part of that renewal are the Luminous Lips lipsticks. I posted a first impression last Saturday, but I hadn’t tried them properly just yet. I picked up three different shades of this new lipstick range which replaces the Ultimate Shine line.

Catrice Luminous Lips lipsticks
080 Don’t Mind the Pink, 100 Me, My Macaron & I, 130 Brigitte Loves Bordeaux

These lipsticks are brand new and claim to be soft and smooth. The finish should be semi-sheer and they cost €3.99 a piece. In total the Luminous Lips line includes 14 different shades, half of which are nudes. I am not a big fan of nudes and only about half the line was at my store when I picked these up so I had limited choice. However, upon doing some online research I figured these three would be the shades I would have liked most even if I would have had the entire range at my disposal. I went with a bright coral pink, a purple fuchsia and a berry red shade.

The packaging is absolutely stunning. The bullets are made of a matte silver plastic and feel pretty heavy. Fairly luxurious for a drugstore brand! Other than that, these lipsticks look and feel the same as any other Catrice lipstick, packaging wise. The name and color can be seen on the bottom of the lipstick and the name is printed on the side of the packaging. The lipsticks close with and easy snap. The only ‘problem’ is that the lid doesn’t seem to perfectly line up with the bottom. As you can see in the picture above, especially the left lipstick is a bit crooked. I say problem, but of course this is just a matter of aesthetics.

When you open up the lipsticks the colors look pretty full on in stick form. Rest assured, these aren’t this bright! A nice touch that makes these lipsticks seem extra luxurious is the brand name embossed onto the lipstick itself. Here’s what Catrice says about these lipsticks:

The pampering texture with hyaluronic acid visibly plumps your lips and feels wonderfully pleasant. The finish is smooth, offers intensive shine and has a medium colour-dispersion. Soft nudes, feminine rose shades, intensive pink and classic reds complement any style.

When I first saw these in stores I was skeptical. I read somewhere that these should give off a sheer to semi-sheer finish and those shades never really work for me. So at first, I almost skipped these. But then I found some testers and tried some on my hand. I was surprised by the color pay off (semi-sheer indeed) and the incredibly creamy smooth texture.

Catrice Luminous Lips lipstick in 080 Don’t Mind the Pink

This seemingly bright coral pink seems to be bordering on neon, but in fact, this isn’t as bright on the lips as it looks in its packaging. So important to bear in mind when you see these is that the color you see in the stick is not as intense or scary as it may seem at first sight. Number 080 has a completely creamy finish and is void of shimmer.

Catrice Luminous Lips lipstick in 100 Me, My Macaron & I

This color shows off how shiny these lipsticks are. In the store I didn’t pick up on the subtle blue shimmer in this lipstick, but especially in this picture you can see it is most definitely there. I guess it depends on how the light hits it. The shimmer is very subtle though and so this lipstick goes on as the pretty purple toned fuchsia pink it appears to be at first sight.

Catrice Luminous Lips lipstick in 130 Brigitte Loves Bordeaux

The only red in the collection is this darker berry shade. Because of the shimmer and shine to this color, it looks fresh and spring appropriate. When you wear this it looks more like you’ve made your way through a fresh basket of berries and that is actually a very pretty look! However, this is a shade that depending on how you wear it, can look dated fairly quickly.

Don’t Mind the Pink, Me My Macaron & I, Brigitte Loves Bordeaux

Swatches! This shows nicely how shiny these lipsticks are. And as you can see: great color pay off as well. This is the first sheerer type of finish that actually works on my lips. The texture is super creamy which makes chapped or dry lips disappear. These lipsticks feel more like a lip balm than a lipstick. But in a way also a bit like a gloss as they feel a little bit tacky, but not sticky. Downside to that is that lasting power isn’t too great. These last for about 2 hours, but if you eat or drink a lot with these on they will disappear. In other words, these lipsticks will survive a snack but not a full meal.

Don’t Mind the Pink
Me My Macaron & I
Brigitte Loves Bordeaux

Don’t Mind the Pink, Me My Macaron & I, Brigitte Loves Bordeaux

A lipstick review is of course incomplete without some lip and full face swatches. As you can see the two darker shades emphasize the fine lines in your lips, but that isn’t noticeable from a distance. That is mainly due to the shine, which makes your lips look full and juicy. I think all three shades look flattering on me, but I think the two pink shades may be my favorites. Don’t Mind the Pink is a great lip color for spring and Me, My Macaron & I is actually a my lips but better type of shade for me. That was what I was hoping for, but the blue you see in the stick is completely cancelled out or complemented by my natural lip color.

All in all, these lipsticks were a pleasant surprise to me in Catrice’s spring/ summer 2015 line renewal. I can highly recommend checking these out. I also spotted a pretty apricot color that I think I will pick up when the buzz around these products has died a bit. These are simply some great lip colors for spring and summer: they are shiny, the colors are super spring like and the creamy texture makes them comfortable to wear.

What do you think of the Catrice Luminous Lips lipsticks?

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  1. Fijne review! Ik had er niet zo heel veel van verwacht maar nu vind ik ze toch wel erg mooi. Precies het soort lipstick waar ik van hou!

  2. Aaaah ik vind de lipsticks van Catrice altijd erg mooi en fijn. Ook deze lipsticks spreken mij weer erg aan, vind de felle kleurtjes erg pretty <3

  3. Ohh ik heb van deze lijn ook 1 lipstick aangeschaft, de 030! Ben er erg blij mee, zo zacht en glanzend zijn ze, precies waar ik van houd ♡

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