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Catrice has released a brand new make up item: a cream to powder eyeshadow that comes in liquid form. When I first spotted these I had to do a double take: what are these? Lipglosses? But no, upon closer inspection I figured out that these are supposed to be eyeshadows that should double as eye liner. I picked up three different shades and gave them a go.

Catrice Satin Stay Cream to Powder eyeshadow & liner 020 Beigà-Vu
Catrice Satin Stay Cream to Powder eyeshadow & liner 030 Welcome to St. Rosez
Catrice Satin Stay Cream to Powder eyeshadow & liner 050 Love me Lavender

The three colors I picked up range from a champagne and baby pink to a deep plum. At least that’s what they look like in the tube. In total, the range of Satin Stay eyeshadow contains 6 different shades. In addition to these three shades, there are a pearly white, a mint green and a chocolate brown. This product retails for €3.99 each.

The Catrice Satin Stay cream to powder eyeshadow & liner (wow that’s a mouthful!) comes in a tube that makes it look like a lipgloss. Hence my confusion at first glance. I think the packaging looks nice and chique, but the silver caps are a tad long I find. Especially when you start applying these the long handles are not that practical and I find that I don’t like this packaging for storing either. It doesn’t really go with other cream eyeshadows that come in pots and it also doesn’t belong to powder eyeshadow. So now I am keeping them in a completely different part of my make up collection.

When glancing at these colors in the tubes the shades appear to have a soft shimmery effect. I picked up the colors that caught my eye and I thought would be the most practical to myself. A champagne shade is always a nice option for inner corner highlights. I thought the pink would be nice all over the lid. The deeper purple shade seemed perfect for deepening the crease and outer V or as a liner as the product claims is another way to use this.

The lid is a twist cap and the applicator is attached to the cap. Again, much like a lipgloss. The applicator however is a brush. Once opened up, the product looks kind of gloopy and at first glance the brush seems a bit thick and difficult to use. As can be seen on the picture below is that quite a bit of product latches on to the brush. The colors are also anything but subtle when it comes to their shimmer amount.

The three colors appear to be good staples for any make up collection. They appear to be very shimmery and metallic looking. The cream glistens with micro sparkles. The products look pretty, but it’s not what I had expected from glancing at the colors through the packaging. What Catrice says:

Creamy at first, then powdery. When this texture is blended, it changes and develops a soft satin shimmer. Thanks to the brush applicator, the texture – which is creamy at first – can be used as eyeshadow or eyeliner.

I think the applicator is too thick to make this product work as an eyeliner straight from the tube. I recommend using an eyeliner brush if you would like to use the product that way. According to Catrice though the liquid formula you can see on the applicators should blend into a soft satin finish with a bit of shimmer. Let’s see if that’s true.

Catrice Satin Stay Cream to Powder eyeshadow & liner in 020 Beigà-Vu

Beigà-Vu is a champagne with a white/ silver shimmer to it. This applicator is definitely the worst looking, but it is my favorite shade in the range. Champagne is always a good color to have and goes with many different looks. In the make up look you can see below I’m wearing this shade on the inner corner as a highlight.

Catrice Satin Stay Cream to Powder eyeshadow & liner in 030 Welcome to St. Rosez

Welcome to St. Rosez is my second favorite. For some reason, I was attracted to this pretty baby pink with its soft subtle silver shimmer to it. In the make up look below, I am wearing this shade all over the lid. If you’re looking for a pretty soft pink cream eyeshadow then I think you may like this shade.

Catrice Satin Stay Cream to Powder eyeshadow & liner in 050 Love me Lavender

Love Me Lavender is the plum shade that also comes with a bunch of silver shimmer to it. This shimmer makes the color seem a bit more cool toned. In the make up look below I am wearing this color on my outer V and in the crease. This shade is my least favorite of the bunch, mainly because the color just blends away into a soft smokey plum rather than the full on color you see in the tube and the swatch.

The swatches of these shades are full on: pigmentation appears to be great. The texture is, as predicted from looking at this on the applicators, quite thick and gloopy. I prefer using my fingers with these. I simply dab some of the product on the back of my hand and then use my fingers to apply. I then use a brush to blend it out. The colors are buildable and that is recommended as these sheer out the minute you start blending. Oddly enough, these indeed dry to a more satin finish and the shimmer is less full on when dry.

I had problems applying and blending these shades. Like I said these all sheer out and I feel that the rose shade was the only one that achieved good pigmentation on the eye. The purple shade was a let down and I don’t know how this could function as an eye liner as the shade sheers out so much that it is almost invisible. It’s still a pretty look though, but it is very soft and subtle. I think all of these shades will be very pretty for adding a bit of shimmer to an otherwise matte look. By simply dabbing a small amount to the center of the lid, I think these shadows will work at its best.

The real downside of these products is the way they feel on your skin. These are creams that DRY to a powder. And when you apply a few layers in attempting to create a more full on look, you pack on the product. Especially the purple shade which I packed onto my outer V became noticeable after a few hours. It felt as if I had put a small amount of glue on my lid and felt my skin pull a little bit when I blinked. I didn’t have this problem with the pink or champagne shades though, so I believe this feeling happened because I had packed on too much.

In other words, this is a product of which you need to use little to make sure your lids do not feel glued together. The shades are pretty but are very sheer and the formula is difficult to blend as the colors sheer out so much that they almost disappear. This is especially the case for the darker shade. I will definitely be using the lighter shades as I think they will be great products to add a bit of shine to otherwise neutral eye looks. But using these to create an eye look with just these products is not something I will try again soon.

What cream shadows do you love?

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