The perfect omelet

Eggs have become a staple food ever since I stopped eating too many grains. When I first dabbled in low carb eating, they became a quick yet satisfying meal. I eat them fried, boiled, poached, stir fried, sunny side up and even disguised as muffins. But my favorite way of eating eggs is by turning them into an omelet.

Omelets are a staple food for me. I eat them straight up, with spinach, cheese, or I use them to use up any leftovers I may have lying about. I roll them, turn them into calzones and sometimes my omelets seem to resemble pizzas. With just a few basic ingredients, eggs can be turned into a super nutritious meal that is not only wheat and gluten free, but also combines your daily dose of much needed veggies. Here’s how I ensure my omelets are cooked to perfection every time.


  • 3 eggs
  • veggies of your choice
  • cheese of choice
  • meat of your choice
  • small piece of organic butter
  • seasoning of your choice


  • skillet
  • bowl
  • whisk


  1. Chop veggies and meat.
  2. Whisk eggs.
  3. Add veggies and meat, stir them so they’re coated with egg.
  4. Melt butter in a skillet.
  5. Pour omelet into pan.
  6. On high heat wait till the omelet has browned on one side.
  7. Turn the heat down low and put a lid on top of the skillet.
  8. Now be patient and wait until the top is almost completely solid.
  9. Take off the lid and slide the omelet onto the lid.
  10. Turn over the omelet and fry the other side.
  11. Put cheese on the omelet and put the lid back on.
  12. Now wait until the cheese has melted.

As you can see this recipe is very ‘open’ and leaves many questions unanswered. I usually just scour my fridge looking for something that can go into the omelet. I have a few staple foods that I love to serve as part of an omelet.


  • frozen spinach (I always keep some in my fridge) -> defrost in microwave and stir into omelette.
  • bell peppers
  • mushrooms
  • leak
  • spring onions
  • tomatoes (best served on the side)


  • soft goat’s cheese
  • grated mature cheese (staple!)
  • sliced goat’s or regular Gouda cheese


  • sliced or diced ham
  • sliced or diced bacon


  • salt & pepper (I hardly use salt and especially when you add cheese or meat not recommended)
  • parsley
  • oregano
  • basil
  • thyme

One thing I always do is fry omelets in butter. I have tried olive oil, coconut oil and other oils but I simply prefer the taste and textures that is added by real butter. I am picky when it comes to butter. The other day I bought a different type of butter and I didn’t like my omelet half as much. I opt for grass fed organic butter. It’s a bit more expensive, but the taste is amazing.

How do you like your eggs best?

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