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In the past few months I’ve been churning out blog posts considering some of my favorite brushes. Today I am showing you the final installment, which is eyeliner and cream shadow brushes. I have quite a few eyeliner brushes despite the fact that I hardly ever use eyeliner at all. But I do find that having a good brush does half the work for you when you are applying any type of make up product, but I think it especially goes for eyeliner.

eyeliner & cream eyeshadow brushes

Again, like most of my brush posts so far, there are a few more expensive as well as more affordable options. Apart from eyeliner, there is also one cream shadow blush which is a nice brush to have if you’re really into applying paint pots or any other type of cream shadow and maybe even concealer. The eyeliner brushes all have their own function in my make up routine and I will be saying a bit about each one.

Sigma P82 Precision Round

Let’s start off with the odd one out: the cream shadow brush. This brush is amazing for applying cream shadow if you prefer not to use your fingers. The tip is shaped just like a finger tip and it makes for some great blending and overall application. I can also see this being used as a concealer brush as its domed shape will allow you to get into those nooks and crannies around your nose as well as your under eye area. The only ‘problem’ with this brush is that is not very good at picking up product. So this is definitely a good brush for those days your finger will apply too much and you wish a sheerer finish.

Sigma E15 Flat Definer

The must have brush for every eyeliner noob: a push or flat eyeliner brush. This brush is cut as a rectangle and is created to push eyeliner into the roots of your lashes. No need to draw a line, yet you’ll create a more defined lashline nonetheless. All you do is push the brush into the product and then push it along the lash line. As you can see mine is looking a little worse for wear but I loved using this when I first got into using eyeliner more regularly.

Sigma E05 Eyeliner

My favorite eyeliner brush of all time? That would be this one. I love using this with gel eyeliner to create a much more prominent line along my top lashes. This is the first brush EVER that has allowed me to create a winged liner without too much of a mess. The tip is tapered into a fine point which allows for precise application. The base is a bit thicker so you can sort of place this along your lash line to create an even line. The one I’m showing you here is a travel sized version which is even handier than the full size one as the handle is shorter and thus gives you more control.

HEMA Angled liner brush

Another budget proof HEMA brush. I think HEMA brushes are featured in almost all of my brush favorite posts. This angled brush has been in my collection for years and it washes well and retains its shape without any problems. I never use this brush for gel or cream eyeliner though. I only use this with eyeshadow. One of my favorite ways of wearing eyeliner is by taking a dark, highly pigmented eyeshadow and use that to draw a smudgy line. It suits me better than a very harsh eyeliner line. It’s matte, it’s smokey and I love it.

Zoeva 315 Fine Liner

The second affordable option and last brush I’m showing you is this Zoeva brush. It is super tiny which allows you to create the finest, thinnest line ever. It is in fact so fine that it kind of tickles when I use this for make up application. It has a hooked barrel which takes some getting used to. At first I struggled with this brush, but once I got the hang of it, it really worked well. The crooked handle allows you to much more easily work across you nose and get all the way into that inner corner. This is my current pick for creating eyeliner looks that are noticeably there, but not too much. Not the type of brush I’d pick if I’d want to create a wing but for those: I need eyeliner but I need to keep it subtle days.

What is your favorite eyeliner brush?

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3 responses to “5 favorite eyeliner & cream shadow brushes”

  1. Chinouk Avatar

    Fijne kwasten! Ik gebruik zelf ook veel ZOEVA, maar eigenlijk nog helemaal geen Sigma? Voor crème oogschaduw gebruik ik de Concealer Buffer van ZOEVA en voor eyeliner de BE Makeup nr. 6 😀

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Sigma is fijn, maar de laatste jaren erg duur geworden! Ik heb mijn eerste Sigma kwasten besteld toen ze nog hun naam moesten bevestigen. Zo jammer dat het nu een stuk duurder is.

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