Drugstore nail polish haul

Spring is around the corner and in the past few weeks I have found myself stocking up on some spring appropriate nail polishes. They are all drugstore brand polishes and range from as little as 2 euros a pop to 5.99. You will notice that I am favoring baby blues this time round as well as greys and neutrals. I will be showing you each polish close up as well as provide you with swatches.

All 10 polishes in a row. I bought some of these quite some time ago, but I didn’t want to keep them from you. Some are from brand new lines, some were on sale because they are being discontinued. Others I bought because they were on offer and again others are from limited editions. There are quite a few here, so let’s get to it.

Like I said, you will notice that I have developed a taste for blue nail polish. Light blue to be exact. The odd one out in this line up is the grey Rimmel polish on the left. However, since all the other polishes I bought are by Catrice, I figured I would keep the brands together.

NYC In a New York Minute Quick Dry nail polish in 325 Raindrop

This is the nail polish that started it all. My obsession with light blue nail polish that is. I saw this color in store and thought: that would be a great spring color. And it is. Raindrop is the perfect light, sky blue shade that will be perfect to accessorize blooming flowers and nesting birds.

L’Oreal Color Riche 858 Ocean Porcelaine

I believe it was last year when L’Oreal launched their white-but-not-quite nail polish line. I already have a purple and green shade from that collection and I think this is part of the Les Blancs collection as well. This soft baby blue shade is much lighter than rain drop. It is much nearer to white and because of that has a tint of grey to it. On the swatch this is a little bit streaky and as with the other L’Oreal shades I own, this goes on quite thick on the nail.

Essence Liquid Foil effect nail polish 30 Lady Mermaid

When Essence relaunched their line for Spring/ Summer 2015 nothing really stood out to me. But I always check out their effect nail polish as they sometimes do very interesting textures and effects. I did not know what to expect of this new Liquid Foil formula, but it appears to be a sheer metallic shade with a hint of duochrome to it. I’m not sure how I feel about this one yet.

Rimmel 60 Seconds 853 Pillow Talk

The Rita Ora 60 Seconds collection by Rimmel is being renewed this spring and so I took advantage of the fact that all the old shades were on sale at a 50% discount. Again, I opted for a baby blue shade. This has a hint of shimmer to it, whereas the other two above are both creams. Shade wise this is right in between the L’Oreal and NYC shade and thus even a more perfect baby blue than the others.

Rimmel 60 Seconds 621 Mary Mary Quite Contrary

The final polish in this line up, is they grey with a purple/ mauve undertone, also by Rimmel. I also purchased this on sale. And I absolutely love this shade. A good neutral is a staple in my nail polish collection and with this I have found myself a new favorite. Even though these polishes were on sale, I did notice that some of the names of the new collection are the same as the old one. So I am guessing that even though they may be gone for a bit, these may return as part of the new line anyhow.

This is the second set of 5 polishes. Here the colors are a tad more varied, but the brands are all the same. All these polishes are by Catrice. I picked up two polishes from the VISIONairy limited edition and three brand new polishes for Spring/ Summer 2015.

Catrice Effect Lacquer VISIONairy LE in C01 Mystic Moments

Unfortunately I am pretty sure you will not be able to get this and the next polish anymore because they were part of the winter limited edition. I picked up this shade because it is all kinds of special and I have nothing like it in my collection. It is a) metallic, b) taupe, and c) infused with red shimmer. It gives off a stunning effect and even though this isn’t much of a spring shade, I know I will bring this baby out come fall.

Catrice Effect Lacquer VISIONairy LE in C04 Greyhound to Nowhere

The other polish I picked up from this limited edition is a Matt Effect polish in a stunning charcoal grey shade. It does have some subtle glitter to it, so when it dries is has more of a Satin Matt finish. Satin Matt is THE nail polish trend right now and I find that this shade gets some extra pizazz as well as class because of it.

Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer in 86 (S)wimbledon

The regular nail polish line by Catrice has lost my interest for some time, but I am always curious when they launch new shades. This turquoise green color was the only one to draw my attention from all the new shades in the range. It again has a subtle shimmer to it, which makes this polish a bit different from the usual. This color to me, screams toe nails. So the minute I can bring out my sandals and expose those toes, I will be bringing this one out.

Catrice Luminous Nails 5 in 1 Care Polish in 40 Parfait Violet

Not only did Catrice come out with new colors, they also released some completely new nail polish lines. One of them is the Luminous Nails+ collection. I picked up this purple looking shade which I knew would be quite sheer. This is the type of ‘my nails but better’ type polish. This polish promises that you can do without a base coat and that it also nourishes your nails as well as protect it. I love the effect it gives to my nails when I wear this: they instantly look healthier. However, my nails are a bit more special needs than what this polish has to offer in terms of nail care.

Catrice Luxury Vintage Satin Matt Effect in 05 Get Boho in Soho

Another new line Catrice has launched is a Satin Matt line. There are a few bright shades, but whenever I was at my drugstore, the complete line was unavailable. In fact, most of the time most of the shades are gone. But one day I walked in and I spotted this off white shade and thought it looked interesting. The swatch does not do it justice as the shimmer is as noticeable on the nails as it is in the bottle. I think this is a great polish for people who find white nails too stark, but who still want to try the trend nonetheless.

Which is your favorite nail polish?

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