Tuned up Thursday: 2015 live shows

I needed some inspiration for my music posts as I hadn’t been able to collect enough songs for a Songs of the Week article this month. Instead I figured: why not write an article about the concerts I have been to so far and will be attending? So today I am sharing that with you along with full album playlists of these artists if I found them on Youtube. I hope you enjoy.

Sylvan Esso

The first act I saw was Sylvan Esso: an indie pop duo from the US who make surprisingly catchy and dancy tunes. I saw them live in Tolhuistuin, which was a venue I had not been to before. The venue was small and cozy, the music was great and I was glad to have been able to see this from front row spots. The support act, a Dutch act called Cut_, was also great, so I had a good time. Such a good time, in fact, that I bought the albums by both artists when I found them at the merch stand.

FKA Twigs

The concert I had been looking forward to the most ever since I bought tickets was FKA Twigs. I had read some great reviews about her shows and had been playing her album for months. I thought the show itself was great, unfortunately, a great part of the audience did not think so and started talking. It caused Twigs to stop her show for moment to ask people to leave (yes, it was that bad). I just guess that many people bought tickets expecting this explosive show, whereas Twig is much more contained and sultry. The entire set up was already too tedious for some (a 15 – 20 minute synth loop), but if you’d actually listen to her music and watch her videos, you’d know that she’s more about music = art than music = entertainment.


A band I had been wanting to see for ages was Interpol. I bought their first album more than 10 years ago. I remember it being one of the first records I bought at my favorite record store when I first moved to Leiden as a student. So many memories! I enjoyed their show, be it that they are rather ‘stiff’. I knew most of the songs which helped and I think their ‘act’ fits their music well. It made me want to listen to their latest album a lot more too and I am glad to have finally been able to scratch them off my ‘to watch’ list.


I sometimes go to shows without know the music or the band very well. Just to try something new for a change. I did so a little over a month ago. I knew De Wolff, a Dutch psychedelic rock group, from my friend and I had seen them perform on TV, but I actually do not own any of their album myself. However, this is a band that you need to see live. These guys rock and put on a great live show that has you imagine what it would feel like if you could have attended Woodstock yourself in ’69 yourself.

Purity Ring

Apart from a look back, I also thought we could look ahead to a band that I again have been wanting to see for a while. I have quite some shows lined up already up until summer (and am looking to buy tickets to one or two festivals as well), but one of the first ones on the list will be Purity Ring. I bought Purity Ring’s first album in New York in 2012 and it was one of my favorite albums that year. Their new record which was released just last week, is again a joy to listen to. I cannot wait to see them live next in a few weeks time.

What concerts have you been or will you be going to in 2015?

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