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The perfect spring accessory? Nail polish of course. Preferably in the sweetest pastel colors I can find. Corals and mint greens have been staples for years, but I’ve also gained an appetite for nudes and of course my latest love: all things baby blue. And luckily those colors range from the super cheap to the not so cheap variety. I have made a selection of my collection and these are my favorite colors for spring 2015.

All nicely lined up! I picked three drugstore shades and two OPI ones. OPI is simply my favorite nail polish brand and their current limited edition spring collection is one that I fell in love with. Needless to say I added my favorite shade from the ones I purchased to this post. You can view the four polishes I bought from that line here. I also included a nude from last year’s spring collection, a Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine and a super budget proof coral shade from HEMA. Finally I threw in another new purchase into the mix in the shape of a pale blue L’Oreal shade. You can find swatches and suggest of how I’d wear these below.

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint Blueberry

From all drugstore nail polishes out there, the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine formula is one of my favorites. The super glossy finish combined with great opacity and good lasting power make this a cheap but good nail polish. They also come in an array of colors and one of my favorites is this sky blue color in Blueberry. I love topping up cream shades with glitters and you can find some suggestions, including for how I combined this color, in an article I posted last year.

L’Oreal Color Riche 858 Ocean Porcelaine

My second pick is a brand new shade in my collection. As I mentioned earlier, baby blue nail polish is one of my new favorite things and I found myself going quite crazy for finding the right shade when I saw so many of them in the drugstores recently. I think out of all the different ones I picked up this L’Oreal shade is my favorite. It is one of those almost white but not quite type of colors. I already have a few from their line, but I like this blue shade especially as the blue adds a hint of freshness to the shade.

OPI Hawaii Collection That’s Hula-rious!

A great mint green is a must have in any spring nail polish post. I bought this polish just recently and it was one of the first ones I put on my nails from the ones I took home from the OPI Hawaii collection. Just like the Barry M shade, my favorite way to wear this is by topping up with a fun glitter shade. I love how for a light shade such as this, this shade goes on opaque in two coats and, not unimportantly, this shade of mint green is different from most other mint greens I own. This truly is a green, where many mint shades I own have a very blue undertone.

OPI Brazil collection Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around

The best nude shade in my collection? That would be this one! I’m a big fan of topping up neutral shades with a holographic top coat. It’s not as stark a on a black base color, and yet, the sparkle makes the color look more alive and interesting. I think it’s a great way to wear holographic glitter if you do not wish it to be too inconspicuous. This nude is a very light one and it sets off quite nicely against my light complexion. I just recently purchased Don’t Take Lei Away which is a tad darker than this and I would have included that if I had had a chance to wear that on my nails yet.

HEMA Long Lasting nailpolish 813

Finally I thought I’d throw in a coral shade. Corals are always appropriate for spring time and this time I selected more of an orange/ peach coral shade. This color is not only a favorite for spring time blush shades, but it is also a very pretty color on the nail. Unfortunately I have no pictures where I am wearing this, but I can imagine this looking great as is, or with a matte speckle topcoat: instant Easter egg inspiration.

There you have it: my 2015 spring nail polish favorites. I did similar posts in 2012 and 2014, so please check those out if you care to see some of my other favorite shades from previous years. It’s funny to see how my taste shifts from turquoise to mint green to baby blue this year.

What is your favorite nail polish for spring?

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  1. Wat een leuke kleurtjes! Vooral de mintgroene van OPI en koraalkleurige van Hema vind ik PERFECT voor de lente. Leuk om te combineren ook!

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