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These past few months I’ve been trying hard to get my work out schedule back on track. My fitness level was at an all time low just before summer and so I had to gradually work my way up again. By now, almost 9 months later, I have found myself settled back into a routine that works for me. Here’s what I do, or at least try to do every single week.

When it comes to finding a work out routine that works for you, you have to find out what time you have in your schedule to build in those moments. Since I started a new job in August, my routine was a bit upended and messy. It is important to allow time to explore and see what works. Especially when you are still building up your fitness level, you can’t just go in full force and expect to have a routine up and running within a blink of an eye.

That’s why I took it step by step and accepted that I went whenever I could go. And slowly but surely, over the course of 9 months and counting, I have found a work out routine that works. I never stopped dancing or doing body balance classes. Then I added sporadic weight lifting and spinning classes. I desperately wanted to go back into Body Combat, but I first tried in November and I just felt it wasn’t the right time.

Last week I tried again and it worked. Why? Because I kept up my work outs no matter how sporadic they were at times. Whether it was because I was busy, got sick, or missed work outs because of trains running late, I kept it up and build up a basic level of fitness that allows me to further build up my strength and stamina.

I take double group lessons at my gym on Monday’s. First, I take a spinning lesson, followed by Body Balance. This works for me as I was already doing the latter one, so taking one extra class that night is not that much work. Wednesday’s is reserved for dance class, as it has been for the past 5 or so years. Then I go back to the gym for a round of weights on Thursday morning. My latest addition is Body Combat lessons on Saturday morning.

With this routine, I work out 5 or so hours every week, spread across 4 different moments during the week. I have Tuesday’s, Friday’s and Sunday’s to completely recover and that’s exactly what my body needs. Are there weeks where I slack up? Yes, but then there is always next week. Slowly but surely I can feel this taking effect and finding myself fitter, leaner and stronger again.

I think that what I have found is a routine that is workable and something I can keep up. And it’s the latter which is the most important. At least to me.

What is your work out routine?

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  1. Woah looks like you’re doing great! I am starting again as soon as the pain in my back has disappeared. Walking even takes effort right now so not too happy about that.

    • Oooh be careful indeed. If you force yourself to work out when you’re not feeling very well you might only make things worse. I hope you feel better soon!

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