Dior Addict Gloss Fastes

For the longest time I had a Dior Addict lipgloss on my wishlist. Mainly because I adore the packaging. But spending more than 30 euros on a product that I wasn’t sure I was going to wear (I wear lipgloss next to never), I never actually gave it any serious consideration. However, when a high end drugstore had a 40% discount on on all lip products I decided to give the selection a browse. I spotted this seemingly standard looking gloss from the Dior 2015 Spring collection and fell in love. Here’s why.

Dior Dior Addict Gloss Mirror Shine Volume & Care in 154 Fastes

The gorgeousness that is. This gloss normally retails for €31.50. I picked it up for less than 15 because on top of the discount I also had a 5 euro gift voucher that I still had to spend. To say this was a steal, for Dior anyway, would be an understatement. This product was limited edition for Dior’s Kingdom of Colors spring 2015 collection.

The lipgloss comes in this mirrored silver packaging. It was a pain to photograph as I couldn’t find an angle on which my camera would pick up on the prettiness that is. The box itself is not why this product is worth your time of course. It’s the inside that counts. So let’s have a look.

The gloss is as tall as the packaging it comes in. At first glace this looks like a standard pink color. But when it comes to this gloss, looks can be deceiving. The packaging of the gloss itself is one reason this product had been on my wishlist. From the button like handle at the top to the embossed name along the side: you’ll know you’ve bought yourself a luxurious lipgloss the minute you lay eyes on this.

In this picture you can see the color a bit better, but it still doesn’t do it justice. The gloss itself actually has little color to it. The color you see in the tube comes from the thousands upon thousands of tiny flecks of sparkle. Now I am usually not one to favor sparkly lip colors but it is not my intention to wear this full on. When I spotted this, I figured this would make a very wearable and handy gloss that could spruce up matte lip colors. Especially nude lipsticks look best on me when they have some shine to them and so this gloss, paired with a nude lip is really my intended wear.

The product comes with a brush tip applicator. To my surprise the product only adheres to the little brush and not to the actual stick. That’s a plus as my hair usually gets caught up in the stick which makes for a messy ordeal. The brush tip is quite small but I love how that makes it easy to get a precise application.

Again, on the applicator the color of the gloss appears to be a peachy pink tone, but again this is not what it will look like on the lip. Before we move on to swatches I thought I’d try to capture the sparkle of this lipgloss.

Above you can see the product in regular daylight. Only a hint of sparkle is visible. But when you hit it with a flash, like in the picture below, the myriad of shimmer becomes visible. It has a silvery tone to it, but if you look closely you can see that the flecks sparkle in tones of pink, blue and gold. This is what made me like this gloss instantly, as it is something quite different from your usual sparkly lipgloss.

In the swatch you can definitely see that this gloss is highly sparkly. Both of these pictures were taken WITHOUT flash. The gloss here looks like crushed gemstones suspended in a sticky liquid. The gloss is thick, but not too much. It has a good balance between liquid and thickness making this easy to apply.

On the lips this gloss is also very comfortable. I have owned many other super sparkly glosses in the past. Most of the time you can feel the particles in the gloss: as if you have sand stuck to your lipgloss. That is not the case with this. It actually feels smooth on the lips. Because it is sticky but not too much this gloss has some good lasting power. Especially for a gloss, I am impressed: it survives a cup of tea and lasts a good 2-3 hours.

On its own the color leaves a strange milky wash on my lips. It will not be a gloss I will be wearing on its own all that quickly. But as I said my plan was to put this over a nude lip. So the second lip swatch I make was of a thin application over MAC’s Velvet Teddy. All I did was apply a bit to the middle of my lip and then dabbed it across my lips for a more subtle effect.

And I think it is a winner! The texture is nice and comfortable and it turns any flat matte lip color into a more interesting shade. Now I just have to make sure I wear this, so I have decided to put this on top of my vanity so I always have it within reach. I’m afraid that if I tuck it away in a drawer I will never see it again.

What do you think of this lipgloss? And do you prefer lipstick or lipgloss?

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