Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo & Frizz Remedy deep treatment

I regularly change up my shampoo and conditioner. Pretty much every time I run out, I buy them for a different brand. Only when I really really like a brand will I go back to repurchase them. So it had been a while since I last tried Aussie haircare products, but the minute I started using this shampoo and conditioner combo, I remembered why Aussie is among one of my favorite haircare brands. These products left my hair feeling soft, smooth and frizz free, which is exactly what I want from my shampoo and conditioner.

Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo & Frizz Remedy deep treatment

Most of the time, I purchase my shampoos and conditioners on sale. I always have 2 sets as back ups and when the products in my shower have run out, I replenish my stash with a set from a brand I haven’t tried yet. This gives me plenty of time to stake out stores for interesting sales and it allows me to try many new products. Aussie products retail for around 10 euros a piece, but I’m sure I paid less for this combo, because I got it on a 1 one, get 1 free sale or something or other. So not the cheapest products you can find, but I usually find that the super cheap brands do little to nothing for my hair, so I’m willing to spend a little bit more.

Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo for hair that’s dry/ damaged/ a bit unhappy

First up, I’m showing you the Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo. I am always looking for shampoos that promise to nourish my hair. My hair is dry, easily damaged and just difficult to manage. Since I’m blond, dry frizzy hair quickly leads to the dreaded ‘poodle look’ which I despise. So any shampoo that remotely promises to leave your hair looking shiny and healthy and I’m game.

The promises on this bottle offer just that: Macadamia Oil to put some moisture in those dry ends, while cleaning your hair at the same time. The packaging is simple: a cream colored bottle made of sturdy plastic with a pop up cap that is easy to manage in a shower. The shampoo contains 300 ml and that is a decent amount for a shampoo.

On the back there are more promises and some directions on how best to use this. I only use shampoo on my scalp as it usually dries out my ends too much. Aussie products have a particularly sweet smell that I find very pleasant and I’m usually not one for sweet smelling body products. Sweet is often too sweet for my taste, but this shampoo smells lovely.

The shampoo contains SLS and SLES. There are people who try to avoid those as they can be irritants for your skin. For me, they form no problem, so I dont mind them being their. The promised Macadamia oil is in this products, but it almost at the bottom of the list. Aloe Vera juice is actually a little bit higher up on the list. Perfume is fairly high up as well, so if that’s an ingredient you’re allergic to, then this is again a product you may want to avoid. The ingredients at the top of the list are all ingredients of which I have no clue what they do. But if you’re looking for a shampoo that is natural and harmless, then this is not for you.

Since I’m not too picky about my shampoo ingredients, for me it’s all about how it works. The texture of this is very thick and creamy. It foams up but not too much I find. It lathers up nicely without it being too foamy and remains feeling creamy when you start massaging it into your scalp. I’ve been using this shampoo for the past few months, in fact it is nearly gone, and all this time this shampoo has done nothing but good for my hair. I have noticed no change in my hair becoming dry, breaking faster or getting greasy or any other negative effects. This is a shampoo that works for me.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Frizz Remedy Deep Treatment for misbehaving, frizzy hair

Since I always buy and use my shampoo and conditioner as a set, I decided to buy one of Aussie’s deep treatments again. I find they work better than their regular conditioners as it is a mini mask for your hair every time you use this. Since my hair gets frizzy easily I figured this might work better than the Miracle Moist conditioner and I believe that when I picked these up the conditioner was also no longer available as it had sold out.

The deep treatment contains Aloe Vera and Jojoba seed oil which again should help with keeping your hair looking shiny and smooth. It should replenish moisture mainly and again that is what I am looking for in my hair products. The packaging I find really handy. After you remove the sticker on the bottom, you are left with an easy to use squeezy tube that contains 250 ml of product. That is less than the shampoo, but I find I need less of this product to get the results I want so I find that these products go hand-in-hand really nicely.

Who doesn’t want luscious, shiny hair? I do so I use this every time I was my hair. I use a small dollup, rub it between my hands and apply it to my ends. I try to avoid my roots as that would only lead to greasy hair on day 2. I then tie up my hair and go about the rest of my showering business while I let this soak in for at least a good 5 minutes. I know it says that it is supposed to work within 3 minutes, but I always leave in my conditioner until I’m nearly done and all that’s left is rinsing out my hair.

Ingredient wise this product is as ‘bad’ as the shampoo. The main ingredients are different types of alcohol and perfume is high on the list. The ingredients promised to help nourish your hair are almost at the bottom of the list, so I cannot vouch for how well this product works based on the ingredient list. But that does not mean this product does not work. Again, my hair isn’t all that special needs, so this works for me just fine.

As you can see this product is a lot thicker than the shampoo. Where the shampoo is a tad runny, the deep treatment is like a thick gel like substance. It again has that typical Aussie smell and rubs out into a very creamy lather of which a little goes a long way. That’s one thing I like about this: because you only a need a little, I feel I am not wasting product. It is very potent and I use about half of regular conditioners that I have tried. Like with the shampoo, this deep treatment has not changed the texture or look for my hair: it has maintained its healthy look and that’s what matters to me most.

I can conclude that Aussie is most definitely one of my favorite hair care brands out there. It smells nice and the products do for my hair what they promise to do. They are at the higher end of the drugstore specter price wise, but I think these are well worth the money. Since the ingredient list is not the best I would not expect miracles from this. But if your hair is pretty fuss free and you’re looking for a shampoo and conditioner combo that will infuse your hair with moisture and leave it looking healthy, this is a no fail buy.

What shampoo and conditioner do you use?

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  1. I switch all the time however I usually use budget products and they seem to be working perfectly fine. This shampoo looks great though. Will have to see if they sell it over here!

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