Bose Soundtrue on-ear headphones

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Last December one of the worst things happened: my Sennheiser in-ear headphones broke and so I set out to the store to replace them. My initial idea was to simply repurchase them as they had been serving me well and it was my second pair already. When I was at the store and saw what was on offer, I spotted so many different brands and decided it was time for something new. The minute I saw the Bose range on offer, I was interested. I knew it wouldn’t come cheap, but if that meant owning lightweight headphones that offer great sound quality, then I was all ears.

Bose Soundtrue on-ear headphones

The in-ear headphones I used to use could sometimes close off my ear too much leading to itching and so that’s why I decided to expand my search. Since I was used to in-ear headphones, I wanted to have something that would be small and easy to carry around. So nothing too big and bulky. I wanted the headphones to be lightweight and still have reasonably good audio quality. That’s how my search lead me to Bose. The minute the guy at the store showed me these on-ear headphones, I knew they would be perfect for my needs. They are small (especially for headphones), come with a pouch so you can easily transport them and they offer some of the best sound quality on the market. The only headache and doubt caused by this product? Its €150 price tag.

Bose is a brand that I know from peering into window of audio specialty shops. To me they stand for great sound quality and the reason why I went with these rather than with similar looking ones by Philips or Sony is that those brands aren’t devoted to audio. Bose is, and so I figured they would offer me much better sound quality.

One thing that sold me on them is the fact that they come with a pouch and separate components. The wire that connects the headphones to my audio device can be detached on both sides. In the past few months that I have been using these that has proven to be handy as you simply pull out the wire rather than break it when it gets stuck onto something. Another good thing about a separate wire is that you are less likely to end up with a tangly mess every time you take out your headphones. The headphones come with a few buttons to control your audio devices but they only work with Apple products.

Some information on the back of the box the headphones came in. Bose promises great sound quality, comfortable wear, a sturdy design and a few controls. The only controls that work for me is the volume button but I always forget it’s on there. I have already been using these for months now and I can say that they are indeed comfortable and are not liable to breaking. The fact that it is easy to fold them and you can only fold them one way and not another, makes that you are not likely to break these while folding them either. I also wear stud earrings on a daily basis, and I can still wear those and this set of headphones at the same time.

Sound quality wise this thing has made a huge huge difference to my on-the-go music listening experience. I have had the chance to try Dr. Dre Beats headphones but those have so much bass, that you can only have an enjoyable listening experience if you always listen to music with a lot of bass. But I tend to listen to a good deal of variety so for me, I don’t need a set of headphones that enhances the beat, but that serves the entire sound scope that is remotely possible.

And these do just that. Especially the first few weeks I spent being in awe with the amount of layers in the music I could suddenly hear. Even with MP3 which isn’t the best sound quality these headphones make for a fuller and more well-rounded sound to every song I listen to. To this day, I still hear new things in songs, especially if I haven’t heard them for a while, that I had never heard before.

The design of the headphones is sleek and simple. These also came in black and red I believe, but I liked the look of the white and blue better and so I opted for that. It is a plastic casing with very soft pads that cover your ears. I loved wearing this in winter time as it kept my ears warm at the same time.

The headphones themselves are like I said foldable. When unfolded, they fit me quite perfectly on the smallest size. I don’t have a super large head so it’s nice to have something so small without it being dinky and easy to break.

And this is what they look like on! Quite noticeable I think and sometimes people stare and my mom could once spot me from a distance as she could easily pick out the white on a busy street when we were trying to find each other. So yeah, you will definitely be a beacon of light in the distance while wearing these. Not only that, but you’ll also have some amazing audio quality at your disposable as well as a handy and easy design. This is certainly worth its price tag. Since I use these headphones on a daily basis, it’s been one of the best buys I have done in recent years.

What headphones do you use?

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