Tuned up Thursday: My mid-naughties emo rock phase

That myself and music go way way back is no secret, but I thought it was high time to delve into the depths of my music collection and to unfurl the treasures or yore. By that I mean that I do not necessarily still listen to these songs, but there most certainly was a time when I did and did so very regularly. In fact, around 10 years ago, the trend of Emo Punk/ Rock did not sail past me. Rather, it caught me head first and I was sucked into its whirlwind of raging guitars and snazzy lyrics. Behold my love for mid-2000s Emo rock.

Fall Out Boy – This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race

The song and band that most likely started it all: Fall Out Boy’s This Ain’t a Scene. I clearly remember sitting in my dorm room in the States when I was on exchange and listening to nothing but their second album From Under the Cork Tree. This song in particular was my anthem. Till this day I have absolutely not clue what the lyrics are though.

Panic at the Disco! – Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off

That song was quickly followed by FOB’s biggest rival at the time: Panic at the Disco. Less rock, but leaning heavy on strange titles and even stranger lyrics, Panic captured my imagination in a way not a single band did at the time. Again, much like FOB’s album, their first album entitled A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out was my anthem all throughout my early 20s.

The All-American Rejects – Dirty Little Secret

Another band that was super famous at the time, at least in the States, was All-American Rejects. AAR became famous a few years later in Europe, but at the moment I am not sure what the band is up to. Dirty Little Secret is quite possibly the catchiest Emo Rock song ever produced and it is not the only track they recorded that is a straight up ear wurm.

Saves The Day – Holly Hox Forget Me Not

Because I liked these first three bands, I started exploring some more bands with a fairly similar sound. One of the bands I came across was Saves The Day. This was their biggest track from what I remember and the only song they did that stuck by me all this time. I still listen to this from time to time.

Jump, Little Children – My Guitar

A good example of the cynicism and sarcasm some of these bands seemed to implement into their songs, is this one by Jump, Little Children. There is something almost childlike about the way this is being sung and composed, which I think is exemplary of the complete ‘who gives a F?#!’ attitude most of these bands portrayed.

The Academy Is… – Black Mamba

A band that didn’t make it as far as some the bands at the top of this article is The Academy Is… A shame really as they not only really fit the genre but they are also a bit more punk than some of the other bands. Out of all the artists listed today, it’s this band that has stuck with me the most.

Lost Prophets – The Fake Sound of Progess

And this wouldn’t be a rock post if there wouldn’t be some references to more of a hard rock sound as well. A band that was around a lot earlier than most of the artists listed here, but that I started listening to at the same time is Lost Prophets. I actually feel a tad bad putting this song in here, as the lead singer was arrested and convicted for child molestation a few years ago, but hey, they made some solid rock songs.

At the Drive In – One Armed Scissor

I am usually not one attracted by people yelling or screaming in music. It’s one reason why most rock songs usually do not appeal to me. For some reason At the Drive In forms the much needed exemption from that rule. Another song that is older than the phase of my fad, but again, I discovered this around that time.

The Futureheads – A Picture of Dorian Gray

Only just now did I find out that this song is a cover of a song by Television Personalities. The Futureheads put a more punky spin on it. It is also one of the very few British bands in this list, but yup I also got into a spell of contemporary punk as I explored the wonderful world of all things rock and beyond.

The Donnas – Who Invited You?

Let’s close off this post with a rockin’ girl group. The Donnas, quite possibly one of the few female rock bands to really rock, were a band that would listen to religiously. Again, this song pre-dates my emo rock fad, but nonetheless, this is a very solid rock song that is quite possibly closest to classic rock tracks from the 60s and 70s.

What music genre did you used to love, but no longer really listen to all that much anymore?

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