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When I embarked on my first forays into make up, my favorite make up brand was Benefit. I owned quite a few Benefit products back in the day (proof can be found here), but as I discovered make up, Benefit was one of the brands that I got shoved to the back of my drawer and I kind of forgot about. However, there are a few items from their line that no matter how long they’ve been around my stash, I keep coming back to from time to time.

I have a few other products still, apart from what you see here. I have kept the Smokin’ Eyes smokey eye & brow kit because I love that for taking along with me when I travel. I also still have the Hello Flawless concealer powder in Honey, which I keep in my on the go make up bag in case I need to do some touch ups. Other than that, I hardly ever use any of the other products I showed you at the time, or by now, I have gotten rid of it and no longer use it. Even the lipsticks I am showing you today, didn’t make the last cut of my make up stash (which happened last night btw), as by now they have started to smell badly and so have expired.

Benefit Silky Powder eye shadow in Fishnets

A product that hasn’t expired yet and I hope and think will not is this discontinued eye shadow in Fishnets. When it comes to eyeliner, I am not much of an adventurer and very often I will just smudge some eyeshadow along my lash line. This is perfect for doing just that. As you can see this has received a lot of love and I continue going through phases where I use this. It is dark, it smudges easily and is perfect for emphasizing a smokey eye.

Benefit box powders/ blush in Georgia, Coralista, Belle Bamba and Dandelion

The Benefit box powders are a product that is still talked about from time to time. Coralista is one of my favorite blushes and I used to use Georgia as my face powder for a long time. Bella Bamba is a gorgeous pink and Dandelion is a great neutral blush shade. I no longer use Dandelion as it suddenly started to smell funny. I got that cheaply off Ebay and I have never been sure whether it was a fake product or not, but my guess is that it was. So no wonder it hasn’t lasted as long. But yeah, Coralista: holy grail make up product.

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow & Liner in Skinny Jeans & Stiletto

My first cream shadows were MAC paint pots and these babies. I used to have one other shade (called Figgy), but that was so similar to Stiletto and was so dry that I ended up cutting it years ago. The packaging of these are very different by now and I am not sure whether these shades are still around, but they are two gorgeous shades for layering under shadows for a deeper smokey eye.

Benefit lipsticks Rocket Pop & Candy Store

Like I said, these didn’t make the last make up cut. For one because they had clearly expired, but also because these types of lipsticks aren’t very me any more. But when I first got into lipsticks, this was all I would wear. That is why these look quite banged up. These were the creamiest, loveliest lipsticks I owned for a long time. Rocket Pop (on the left) was the perfect ‘my-lips-but-better’ shade for a long time, whereas Candy Store was a good every day shade that I stopped wearing when I discovered matte lipsticks. But it’s still a shame that I had to get rid of these. In fact, by now I own similar shades from different brands, as I don’t believe these are still around.

Benefit Erase Paste concealer No. 1 Fair

Another cult make up product is the Benefit Erase Paste: a pinky toned concealer that is supposed to brighten the undereye area to cancel out dark circles. It was my first concealer and this still doesn’t smell funky or has dried out. Talk about a long lasting product. I still grab this from time to time and it’s through no longer being able to stick my finger in the pot to grab some product that I discovered applying concealer with the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease brush. I will be holding on to this until it changes consistency or smell and then probably repurchase it: another holy grail make up product.

I hope you liked my revisiting some older make up products. I have quite a few lying about that I never actively reviewed, because I never really used to when I first started my blog. This way, I am aiming to talk about some of my old favorites, if I still have the products. Let me know if you are interested in seeing more of these type of posts. Enjoy your Saturday!

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  1. Chahrazad Avatar

    Wat een mooie collectie. Ik heb nog helemaal geen blush van Benefit. Coralista lijkt me zo mooi.

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Dat is ie ook!

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