Ren Rosa Centifolia cleansing balm

I first saw Ren on the UglyFaceofBeauty Youtube Channel and then read about the brand on a few blogs. And that information intrigued me. Enough so, that when I was in London in October and found the brand at Space NK, that I decided to take something home. After a quick browse, I decided to try one of their make up cleansers that is aimed at sensitive skin.

Ren Rosa Centifolia cleansing balm

Ren is a brand that promises a fuss free product that does what it is supposed to do. Their philosophy? Performance, Purity, Pleasure. What drew me into trying out this brand is the fact that the products are free of synthetic ingredients. Since I have sensitive skin, I am always looking for the purest, less irritating product I can find.

This product costs 24 pounds for 100 ml at Space NK. It is definitely more money than I ever spent on a face cleanser, but it’s still on the affordable side for me. For a product that is free from a lot of gunk, I had expected it to me much more expensive.

The packaging is filled with instructions on how to use the product and that seems easily enough. I never like cleansers that you first need to wet your face for, the apply the cleanser and then rub it in and rinse it off. This seems easy enough to use and that is always a plus for me.

Some of the promises of this product:

A luxurious silky rose infused cleansing balm. When applied with water the balm transforms into a rich milk and leaves skin purified, calm and glowing… It gently yet thoroughly melts away dirt and make up (including waterproof mascara).


  • Calms, soothes and purifies
  • Protects the skin’s defense barrier against everyday environmental stress, free radicals and pollution

I am not too keen on rose products most of the time, but this also boasts camomile and some other extracts so I figured the scent couldn’t be too overpowering. What made me decide to purchase this product is the promise of calm and glowing skin that is soothes and purified. In other words, this sounds like a gentle yet thorough cleanser that gets the job done.

Ingredient wise this looks really promising! Almond oil is the first ingredient on the list, followed by what appears to be different types of glycerin and shea butter. So yes, this sounds very nourishing. There is some perfume in this product, but it is 100% natural and thus I think this is scented through the different ingredients that make up this product.

Then there are some more of the promised oils and other skin conditioning ingredients. The ingredient list is as promised: free from synthetic gunk and it is a pro that Ren doesn’t test on animals too if that is something you are looking for.

The product itself comes in a squeezy tube that contains 100 ml of product. That is a decent amount of product and thus this will last you a good couple of months I think. The tube makes for easy and clean dispensing of the product, but because the balm is quite thick, I think a pump may have been a better idea. It is quite tough to get the product out and you very quickly take out too much.

The product comes with a muslin cloth, but since you’ll only have one that is a nice extra to have. If you have a few of these, you will also get a cloth every single time and you can simply chuck these in the wash to clean them an reuse them. I think that is a nice touch as you technically won’t need any disposable cotton pads after a few times of purchasing this.

The product itself is very thick and well, balmy, as I stated before. A drop like this, the size of a large pea, is enough to clean your entire face. So this product is indeed very good value for money. As the balm heats up through the warmth of your skin, the balm turns into an oil which you can then easily spread over you face and rub over your eyes and lashes to remove all make up. The only downside I can think of is the fact that this smells rather medicinally. I don’t mind it, but it may take some getting used to for some people.

The best part of this product is that it truly truly works. It takes off the most heavy duty smokey eyes and it doesn’t sting your eyes or leaves your skin feeling too squeaky clean. The Ren Rosa Centifolia No. 1 Purity Cleansing Balm makes your skin feel soft and nourished once you’re done and it is a great product. In the first place because it is easy to use, is made with natural ingredients and has worked wonders on my sensitive skin.

In conclusion, I am in love with this product. The only reason I am not reaching for this all the time is because I want to use it sparingly. I have found this works best if you’re trying to remove heavy make up. For every day I find this a but too thorough, but I love it for days on which I am wearing black liquid liner, dark eyeshadow colors, or a very full on face of make up. So I am saving this for days when I know I will be needing a thorough yet gentle cleanser that gets the job done quickly.

What cleanser do you use?

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