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Another beauty day, time for another review. As I said when I reviewed the Bobbi Brown foundation stick, I picked up a few Bobbi Brown products to try. One other product I got my hands on is the corrector which I am reviewing for you today. I bought the corrector for two reasons: 1) I have dark circles and 2) it is a cult beauty product.

Bobbi Brown Corrector Light Bisque

As cult beauty products go, Bobbi Brown carries a few. One of them is the corrector. This is supposed to be the ultimate under eye cure for dark circles. It is supposed to be layered underneath a concealer and costs €28,50 for 1.4 grams of product.

This definitely isn’t the cheapest product, especially considering that you are still supposed to put a concealer over it. When I had this applied, I found that the Bobbi Brown creamy concealer made everything too cakey on me, so I have a different concealer which I already owned which makes a perfect pairing.

I love how Bobbi Brown products have the list of ingredients on the packaging, which makes for easy reference. To me, there aren’t any ingredients here which I would want to avoid.

The packaging of this product is simple and stunning like all Bobbi Brown products. The box it comes in is a sleek black box and the compact itself is a small round container that comes with a mirror inside. There isn’t a lot of product in here, but since it’s so high coverage you only need a little bit to make it work.

I was matched to the color Light Bisque and that seems to be a perfect fit for me. As you can see, the color is very peachy pink and that is exactly the right color to cover up my dark circles. I feel this corrector shade is a much better match for me than the foundation stick.

At first glance this product may seem a tad dark when you look at it in the pan, but once you swatch it is a great peach with a strong pink undertone that feels a little bit tacky. Texture wise this product is very thick and creamy.

That is why I like to apply this by using a brush first and blend it in with my fingers afterwards. I first use the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease brush (I tap it into the product twice per eye) and then blend it along my lower lash line, then I use the warmth of my fingers to blend it in.

Left: just foundation & brows
Right: with corrector applied

To show you the effect of this product I decided to focus more on what this product looks like on. I took this first set of pictures early in the morning before going to work. That means before 7 AM. As you can see, I am working with bags and some serious shadows. With the corrector those are gone.

Left: corrector applied to left side
Right: corrector applied to both sides

This is me doing my make up on a day off, a few hours after I woke up and on a day where I got to have a bit of a lie in. My under eye area shows fewer signs of bags and as a result my under eye area looks a bit better to begin with. But still, the dark circles remains and you can see the effect of adding the corrector has.

Top left: nothing
Top right: correctorBottom left: adding concealer
Bottom right: corrector + concealer

From closer up the effect becomes even clearer. As you can see, I have a little bit of blue coloring in my inner corner area. It looks better on these pictures than it does in real life. Adding the corrector lifts the are and my eye looks more awake instantly. It brightens up the eye nicely and if you want to go for a more subtle look I feel you can get away without adding the extra concealer.

But, since it is advised to use the corrector underneath a concealer I decided to show you that effect as well. Because I didn’t like the creamy concealer over this product (it creased on me so badly), I opted for a very liquidy and lightweight concealer. This is the Catrice Re-Touch Lighting concealer, which is a drugstore version of the Touche Éclat by YSL. I find this to be a perfect pairing. As long as I use thin layers of both products I get a nice and bright under eye area that makes me look awake and fresh.

To show you the full effect of the product, I also added two full face pictures with a full face of make up. I feel that especially on the early morning picture on the left, you can see that my under eye area is brighter.

In conclusion, I find that the Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Bisque is the perfect product to make me look more awake. It brightens up the under eye area perfectly and it stays in place all day as long as I use the product sparingly. And using it sparingly I will as this product is very expensive. However, to me this is worth every penny, because I feel I could also wear this on its own, but for days I want some more coverage (hello exam weeks!) I can.

What is your perfect under eye concealer?

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