Nails Inc The New White White Horse Street

When I am in the UK I always pick up a few nail polishes, but I had yet to try polishes by Nails Inc. They are not the cheapest polishes and so I was a little reluctant to be just trying a random polish on a whim. And then they released their The New White collection. And then I fell in love.

Nails Inc The New White in White Horse Street

Nails Inc The New White in White Horse Street is a nail polish that is right up my street. It is a milky taupe shade. The idea behind The New White collection is that all the colors in the range are very close to white, but with a hint of color. I personally love these type of pastel shades and if they are in a greige (grey + beige) type color I love them even more. This polish retails for 14 pounds for 14 ml of product. That is around 20 euros a pop and that makes this the most expensive nail polish I own.

So the question is: is this nail polish worth that much money? I say yes it is. Not only is this color unique (I will get back to that in a little bit), it also comes in heavy duty, chique packaging. This bottle feels heavy and part of the weight is the silvery shiny lid that covers the actual closure of the bottle.

The square shaped bottle isn’t unique, but these bottles do feel like something else. When you take off the lid you are left with and easy to use round handle that attaches to the brush. The thick glass bottle is clear which allows you to easily see the color.

In the bottle this color looks like a milky taupe. It is a color that I find looks good against my skin tone, is a chique nail color to wear and it is a color that can be worn on multiple occasions. It has a slight hint of a purply nude undertone to it, which also makes this a perfect polish if you like to wear nail polish but nothing too out there. Depending on the lighting this polish looks more white, grey, taupe, brown or mauve and that’s what makes this color so special.

At first glance you might think this might go on quite sheer as you can clearly see the polish moving around in the bottle and becoming transparent as you do so. But I found this went on opaque in two even coats despite the thin formula. The brush is a perfect shape: not too wide with a rounded edge that makes it fit perfectly onto your nail.

Here you can see a swatch on a transparent nail wheel to show you how opaque this shade is. And below you can see this color on my nails. I have very white nail tips that are visible quickly when you put nail colors over them. But with this, and two coats of polish, my nails are completely covered in a nice classy shade.

The nail polish lasted quite a few days on my soft and bendy nails. I guess I wore this for about 4 days or so, which is quite normal for me. I did get a chip on the first day, but that was because I did something stupid and jammed my pinky into a rattan chair. But with normal usage, this polish lasts a good few days before it will need replaced.

To round up, I think this is a unique neutral colored nail polish with decent lasting power in a unique shade an easy to use formula. Does it beat my beloved OPI? No, but I do feel that this nail polish is up there quality wise. Which is why I don’t mind spending a bit more money from time to time to buy a few more of these to expand my collection, as long as the colors are unique enough and not already part of my extensive nail polish collection.

What nail polish would you shell out 20 euros for?

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