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On several blogs I saw this really fun tag doing the rounds, and I thought: Hey! Why don’t I do it too. So today I am bringing you the Three Things Tag. Curious to know three things I keep in my bag? Or three things that make me happy? Then read the rest of this blog post. I present to you, three things…

…In my bag

The bag in the picture is my usual every day bag I take with me to work. I know, it’s huge, but it allows me to carry everything I need. Three things I always take with me to work are a little emergency kit with band aids, deodorant, and hayfever meds among other things. I don’t use it often, but it comes in handy when I do need it. Another thing you will always find in my bag is my tablet which I am currently using as my MP3 player. Lastly, I take numerous food containers as I always bring a packed lunch.

…On my desk

I don’t have a desk! Well at work I do and that one I keep as clean as possible, so there is nothing on there. But something I always keep on my table that doubles as a desk and dining room table as well as folding table, work space and central gathering place are my laptop, a mug for tea, and whatever book I am currently reading.

…Three favorite pieces of furniture

You can see them in the picture above. I updated my living space last December and did a studio tour last April. All items are from IKEA and they are the table that I use as my desk on a daily basis. This table seats 6 people, but when you extend it it will easily seat 10. I also fell in love with the Böja lamps from IKEA and I had to really hunt these down to get my hands on them. The last piece of furniture I love most in my space are my clear chairs. They really open up the space and are comfortable at the same time.

…Three favorite fruits

Any type of berry, peaches, and bananas. I love fruit so this was a no brainer.

..Three blogs I visit on a daily basis, and ??? I only follow 2 blogs on a daily basis. Many of the other blogs I follow either don’t post that regularly or they don’t always have content that I want to see every single day. But, and all come close seconds.

…Three songs stuck in my head

Final Countdown by Europe (because earwurm…), Girl with one Eye by Florence and the Machine (which I started singing in the middle of the street the other day) and All I Wanna Do by Sheryl Crow (once stuck in my head for 2 months, so it deserves a mention).

…I am thinking of right now

  1. Only a few more weeks until summer vacation!!!
  2. I want to go to bed (it’s only 9 PM, but there’s a reason why I am excited about summer vacation being so close, pfff)
  3. I should really be reading my stack of magazines that have piled up over the months.

…Three bloggers with a nice personality

  1. Karin
  2. Alison
  3. Diva

…Three favorite sports

At the top of that list is dance of course. I’ve been dancing for as long as I can remember (and I took that pic last June a few minutes before the last dance class of the season) and so it’s my favorite sports to do. Secondly would be aerobics/ spinning/ other group lessons at gyms. I especially love the high energy ones, but I like to slow down for a class of yoga on a weekly basis as well. Finally, a sport that I like to watch (even though I NEVER watch sports) is Formula 1 racing. That’s the only sport I once watched voluntarily.

…That make me happy

Music, sleeping and lots of chocolate

…Three favorite quotes

  1. To sing images like a luminous fish does in the dark depths of the ocean, not with a reflected, but with one’s own light
  2. Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theater.
  3. You don’t trust yourself for at least one minute each day.

…Three holiday destinations

New York: because it is my favorite place on the planet
London: because it is my second favorite place on the planet
Japan: because it is high on my dream vacation list

..Three things I want to do this year

Since we are already more than halfway through, I think it’s quite useless to highlight what I would still like to do, because most goals that I had set for myself for 2015 I already met or am about to meet. I wanted to see more concerts and attend at least one music festival (check, check, double check). I wanted to travel (check, check, double check). And lastly I wanted to meet new people and spend my money on meaningful experiences rather than useless ‘stuff” (check, check, no double check, as I feel I could do better on the second part of that goal).

Feel free to do the tag as well and enjoy your Sunday!

6 responses to “Three things tag”

  1. Hoi Maaike jij houdt van zonnebrand luchtjes? Probeer Pierre Montale ” Intense Tiare” best ever!! Hij is bij Essie Darling in Rotterdam 115 voor 100 ml dus valt mee op internet v 105. Ik weet zeker dat je die superrrr vindt

    groetjes Iris

    • Ja he! Ze stonden al zo lang op mijn wishlist dus toen ik wist dat ik het eindelijk aandurfde om mijn huis een makeover te geven ben ik er meteen voor gegaan.

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