5x favorite nude nail polishes

I am not sure how to put this, but I seem to have a thing for nude nail polish. Nude nail polish is very versatile. A good nude nail polish complements your skin tone, they can serve as a base under slightly sheer polishes or you can use them under glitter. I personally love a good nude + glitter combo. Where most people opt for black under most glitters, I like changing it up and nudes is one of my favorite ways of doing so. Today I am sharing a few of my favorite nude nail polishes.

This isn’t the first time I am doing so. I shared my favorite greige (grey + beige) nail polishes with you last May. And even before that, I shared my favorite nude nail polishes with you in this post here. This post shows you my favorite nudes that I have not yet put in a favorite nude nail polish blog post. And I was wondering why I hadn’t. This post features at least 3 of my top favorite nail polishes and so it is high time that I am sharing these with you.

Ciaté Cookies and Cream

A classic beige nude nail polish shade would have to be Ciaté Cookies and Cream. I haven’t bought any Ciaté polishes for a long time, which is why mine still have the old packaging. The quality of this is amazing and this is very light. A true nude, that I have used plenty of times a as a nude base under other polishes and to pair up with other colors back in the day when I still had the time to create nail art. It is a fully opaque and creamy shade, void of any glitter or shimmer. This looks best on my when my hands are not too pale, which makes this a good shade for summer as well.

Rimmel 60 seconds 203 Lose Your Lingerie

Lose Your Lingerie is a more recent acquisition, but one that I fell in love with instantly. It is not that nude, but more of a very light baby pink. But on my nails, against my pale hands in the winter time, this looked like a nude on me. This polish has a subtle silvery sheen to it that is barely noticeable once applied to your nails. However, it gives the polish a more lively look on the nails. Where some neutral shades can be very ‘dead’ looking, I feel this polish avoids that because of that hint of shine.

OPI Hawaii Collection Do You Take Lei Away?

Another fairly recent buy is this OPI polish. This was released as part of OPI’s Hawaii Collection and I bought it, even though I knew this looked very similar to Don’t Bossanova Me Around from last year’s Brazil Collection. Where that leans more grey, Do You Take Lei Away? leans more beige making it a tad darker. This is very flattering on and one of the very few nude nail polishes that I actually like to wear on my nails as in. Paired with a good shiny top coat, this polish complements my skin so nicely and I have been obsessed with this whenever it’s been on my nails.

Essie Topless & Barefoot

Essie’s Topless & Barefoot is another one of those classic nude shades. This has a bit more of an orange tint to it than the OPI polish I showed you above. I bought this mini as part of a spring collection set a few years ago and I still do not regret buying that as it features some of my favorite Essie shades. Despite the fact that I have had this polish for quite some time, it is still a great shade to wear. The formula hasn’t changed at all, which goes to show that spending a little more on your nail polish makes for better quality polish. I love how this wears on the nail too as this is long lasting.

Catrice Check & Tweed collection England’s Rose

As a final nail polish, I decided to throw in another drugstore selection. This limited edition nail polish from Catrice’s Check & Tweed collection in England’s Rose immediately captured my interest when I found it in the display. England’s Rose is a very pink nude, hence the name. Rather than beige, this polish has that dusty rose undertone which is very subtle, but which makes this polish different from your bog standard nude polish. It has a hint of sheen to it as well, which is more pronounced than in the Rimmel polish above. Again, it makes the polish from look dead or yucky on your nails, and I love wearing this when I’m in the mood for a fresher looking nude.

There you have it: my 5 favorite nude nail polishes of the moment. With a little bit of everything thrown into the mix: from true nudes to some different types and from high end to drugstore. The three that are classic to me and are part of my top favorite nail polishes are Cookies and Cream, Do You Take Lei Away?, and Topless and Barefoot. So yes, they are all the high end ones, but if you’re looking for a nude nail polish, I suggest you try and get your hands on one of those.

Which nude nail polish do you like wearing?

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