NOTD: German drugstore polishes

Today I am bringing you two fun, summery nail of the days from the German drugstore. I was in Germany last year and that’s when I picked them up, so I am not sure whether they are still available. But I thought these two polishes were too much fun not to share, so that is why I am still showing them to you.

The two polishes are Manhattan Lotus Effect Glitter Nail Polish and P2 Last Forever Nail Polish in I Got You Babe. The first is a pretty minty green with multi colored specks and the seconds is a super bright, in your face coral shade that is almost neon. Super fun for summer!

Manhattan Lotus Effect Glitter Nail Polish

I remember having to really track down this one. In every drugstore I was, this polish was either sold out or it had been tampered with. So I counted myself lucky when I finally found it in tact. It seemted to be part of their regular line of products and so I think you can still get this.

The reason why I picked this up was because I don’t own any mint green polishes with blue and purple flecks. You? Don’t think so because I have never seen anything like this and I have and have seen a lot of nail polish.

The consistency of this polish is quite nice. It goes on opaque in 2 layers but it was a tad gloopy which made it difficult to make the layers very even and precisely. The lasting power on this was average. It wasn’t the best, but it didn’t dry very quickly which is why I nicked my pinky before it had completely set.

P2 Last Forever Nail Polish in I Got You Babe

I Got You Babe was a bit of a I’m not sure purchase. This polish is so much brighter on the nail than in the bottle. And that was a nice surprise. And for a nail polish this cheap and in this shade range I also think it performs very well.

The color is super in your face and I have had other bright coral polishes that are similar to this. The reason I no longer own those is because they were jelly textured. Which means they are sheer, need 5 layers to work properly and then you end up with the worst results. This however is nicely opaque which came as a surprise.

Lasting power was good, but not as great as a polish by the name of Last Forever would suggest. Wear time was 4 – 5 days and that is what I get from most polishes. This also seemed to be part of the regular P2 selection, but of course by now it may have been discontinued.

What are your experiences with Manhattan and P2 nail polish?

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