Skirts worth every penny

Apart from dresses, skirts are some of my favorite items to shop for. I have them in many different shapes, forms,  prints and textures, but there are always a few that stand out no matter what. Some stand out because they are my most worn, but that’s not what I’m sharing with you today. No, this blog post is all about the skirts in my collection that I feel are a bit more special than any other I have and I will explain exactly why.

Faux leather skater skirt with white bottom (River Island)

This skirt is quite possibly one of the girliest items I own. It flares out from the waist and will give a flirty edge to any outfit you wear. River Island isn’t the cheapest, which is why this skirt fits in a ‘skirts worth every penny’ blog post. The material is actually very nice. The black is a supple faux leather and the white rim is made of a slightly sturdier material. This leads the skirt to flare out and retain its shape. I am wearing this skirt in this blog post.

Checkered/ gingham print a-line skirt (ZARA)

Sometimes a skirt simply catches your eye and you know you have to have it. That’s what happened to this. I spotted this on a mannequin on a random shopping spree and even though it was a tad more expensive than what I usually would spend on a skirt, I decided it was worth every penny. I like the shape of this as it has that A-line shape which is all the rage now. Because it is black and white it goes with many other things and I love pairing this skirt with a pop of color. You can see it on in this lookbook post.

Acid wash denim skirt with front buttons (River Island)

I picked up this skirt from ASOS, but the brand is River Island, again. I seem to be able to find quite a few fun skirts from that place. In any case, I was all out of denim skirts and when I saw this I figured is was more edgy than country and so I picked it up. I used to have a few denim skirts, but I never felt they looked right on me. It’s basic color makes it goes with everything and I love the detail of the buttons down the front. It adds to the vibe of the skirt and I love wearing this with a skirt. Just like wearing jeans and t-shirts but a tad different. Click here to see it on.

Black pencil skirt (H&M)

On to the only skirt for which I still have an ‘on’ picture. This pencil skirt is from H&M and a classic, staple piece in my book. I go through phases where I really like wearing pencil skirt and at times I think they don’t look that flattering on me. Since I am quite curvy a pencil skirt can make me look bulky as it’s so tight. That’s why I like wearing items like this with baggier tops. The tightness of the skirt will still accentuate my curves, but the looser top on top will make the outfit more flattering on my body shape. I am wearing it combined with a peplum top in this blog post.

Forest green midi skirt (Asos)

Not only am I curvy, I am also short. Any skirt beyond knee length can thus make me look frumpy and extra short. Now I don’t really care about the latter. Sure looking taller is nice, but I am short and that is something I used to. This midi skirt was the first one I felt fits me nicely. I wore some in the past but I had a tendency to either wear them the wrong way or to buy them too small. And that would made me look pregnant. This however, combined with a sheer off-yellow button down shirt is one of my favorite outfits that I wear at least a few times a year.

What is your favorite skirt?

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