Styling a white tee

Who doesn’t own a white t-shirt? For the longest time, I didn’t. I thought white made me look pasty and it was hard to find a shirt that wasn’t see through. But throughout the years I have come to appreciate white t-shirts like no other. I wear them all the time and I thought I’d compile a post on 5 ways in which I like to style up this wardrobe staple.

I have different white tees for different occasions: from a printed t-shirt that looks great with all stars and baggy boyfriend jeans to a v-neck, a round neck and a more funky semi-sheer shirt. My favorite one will have to be the v-neck tee. I buy mine from Forever 21 as they are made of a super soft material and stay looking nice. The v-neck is my go to as I feel it is most flattering on my body type. I am quite busty and round necks can emphasize that and make me look bigger than I am. With a v-neck, which cuts across your chest, you eliminate that problem very easily.

…with a biker  jacket

The way I started wearing white t-shirts was underneath jackets and blazers. The white goes nicely with the more structured look of the jacket. When it comes to bottoms, you can then pair it with anything you’d like: from jeans to cigarette pants and from skirts to shorts. And don’t forget that it will go perfectly with another piece I consider a staple: the almighty cardigan. The jacket is from H&M, the shirt from Forever 21.

…with a statement necklace

Since white t-shirt can make your outfit look very plain, aka boring, I find it is a great fashion item to pair with chunky, in your face, accessories. A statement necklace in a fun color would fit that bill, but the same goes for chunky bracelets or long, dangling earrings. The statement necklace you see here is from Forever 21, the t-shirt is from H&M.

…with a skirt

A skirt is another no brainer pairing when it comes to styling up a white t-shirt. Skirts are versatile to begin with, but I like adding that little bit of freshness that comes with a white t-shirt. The shirt I am using here has three quarter length sleeves and has a semi-sheer design. It’s striped, but not quite. The wide neckline makes this fall of the shoulder a bit which makes for an extra casual vibe. The shirt is from H&M. The skirt is River Island.

…with a denim jacket

Denim & white t-shirt: a match made in heaven! But when it comes to pairing them I like to spice up my white t-shirt with a fun print. This one in particular has a New York print on it and is by a brand called Only. The jacket I got at a complete bargain price in the Mango sale a few years ago. I also bought my jacket a size too big. That way it just a little bit oversized and that’s how I prefer my denim jackets.

…with jeans

And this last one is of course obvious. There is no combination so classic and timeless as jeans with white t-shirt. Whether you’re wearing a darker denim or a lighter denim, it doesn’t matter, because a white t-shirt will always match. The shirt is again the v-neck t-shirt from Forever 21. The jeans are a dark acid wash pair of Joni jeans from Topshop. If I were to wear this I would throw on a fun pair of sneakers, a pair of colored heels for that pop of color and wear a bright colored lipstick to keep the overall look interesting.

How do you wear a white tee?

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