Etos SPF 50 for face

Summer is almost over, but that doesn’t mean that it’s too late to be reviewing an SPF. Some people will advise you to wear SPF on a daily basis any way to protect your skin. Now, me personally, I don’t do that. I say out of the sun as much as possible anyway and I work indoors all day. What little sun I catch when I am outside is needed to make sure I don’t become Vitamin D deficient. That’s why I only use SPF when I know I will be outside for longer than let’s say an hour on a given day. And that’s why I don’t test too many different types of sunscreen. This summer I decided to try a new one, which a friend recommended to me. The product? Etos Suncare 50+ SPF for face with anti-aging properties.

Etos Suncare 50+ SPF for face

This is a broad spectrum SPF meaning it protects against UVA and UVB rays. The tube contains 50 ml and retails for €7.49. My friend Karin already wrote about this product two years ago, but that post is in Dutch. I heard her rave about this product some more last winter when we went shopping together and she was desperately trying to find it anywhere as it is her favorite everyday SPF sunscreen for underneath her foundation. Her enthusiasm made me want to try it and when I found it on sale for only a few euros earlier this year, I figured it might be handy to keep it as a small tube in my purse for those ‘you never know where you might end up days’.

By now I have used it more than a handful of times. In fact, this SPF was my go-to for my entire vacation which ended earlier this month. I had taking a large tube of Garnier SPF 50 for sensitive skin as well as my favorite SPF 50 for the face by Biodermal. That combination has always served me well, but in the end I found myself reaching for this more than those two products. And not just because it happened to be in my bag for those emergency cases, but also because I liked the consistency a lot better.

The sunscreen comes in a small but handy squeezy tube. I find the packaging simple but handy to use. It is small enough that you can carry it around with you everywhere and I haven’t had any problems with leaking while keeping this in my bag for days on end. The product dispenses easily and it takes only seconds to lather up.

When it comes to sunscreen I never really pay attention to the ingredient list. What matters to me most is that the product prevents me from getting a sunburn. I do like using a separate SPF on my face as body SPF is usually too rich and makes me break out. I tend to prefer SPF formulated for sensitive skin for exactly that reason as well. This SPF never broke me out, nor did it cause any allergic reactions.

My main reason for loving this product is the consistency. It feels like a thick, slightly rich day cream rather than a true SPF that is sticky and difficult to blend into your skin. This blends like a dream and doesn’t leave a white cast at all. In the end the skin is only looking a little bit more glowy as the product does leave a bit of a sheen behind.

A good dollop of this stuff is enough to cover your entire face. Etos recommends using 3 mls at a time, but I used more as I ended up not only using this on my face, but also on the rest of my body. I found this ideal for places that usually burn first such as my neck and shoulders. I haven’t tried this under foundation, so I cannot tell you whether this worked well under make up on my dehydrated skin.

The only time on vacation I got a sunburn anywhere was the day on which I forgot to bring my sunscreen with me on a day long hike. Stupid I know, but I also know that if I’d have used this, my sunburn would have been kept at bay. By now this tube is nearly gone, but I am going to make sure to stock up on this next year as I find it is one of the best sunscreens I have used until now.

What SPF is your favorite?

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