Tuned up Thursday: Music of the Moment (August 2015)

It’s spanking new music time! I FINALLY had time during my vacation to sort through my gathering of indie playlists again. I had 3 months worth of new music which had piled up during my super hectic end of the school year time, my absence due to my vacation and then some. So this list includes songs that were released in June, July and August. I’ve been really digging the more chilled out stuff these couple of months. I’m guessing it’s the laidback vibes of summer combined with busy times at work and in my personal life. At those times I like to listen to things that put me at ease and chillwave usually does that for me. That doesn’t mean that this post only contains chillwave, but most of these songs are quite laidback nonetheless.

ROMN – Collide

Poppy, trippy, chilled out track with a catchy hook that makes this an instant earwurm.

Eden – Gravity

Song that slowly but surely builds up to wonderful epicness.

TEOS – Hold Me Back

Trapwave? This fusion of dubstep rhythms with deeper darker tunes, makes for a mysterious track that befits moody autumnal days more so than happy summer ones, but I’m a sucker for these kinds of tracks. It had been a while since I came across something like this.

Oh Wonder – Drive

The latest by Oh Wonder. So far I haven’t heard a single song by this duo that I don’t like. Best combination of indiepop with soothing voices and often very chilled out tracks. This is a good deal catchier than most tracks I’ve heard by them and therefore a bit more middle of the road, but sometimes that is just a nice.

Tep No – Under Rage

A fairly recent discovery of mine is Tep No. This is indiepop but with a much more elektro angle to it. Expect bleepy melody lines with repetitive loops and easy going beats.

Alex Winston – Dead End

For a change of pace, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this track by Alex Winston. You will sing along to the main chorus within seconds and the powerful vocals with a throwback 80s song style, make for a fun summer song.

SW012 – FEWS

This is a bit of a cheat track as it is a few months old, but I only found it the other week. An 8 minute experimental track that revolves around shoe gaze influences, straight up psychedelia and raging guitars.

Everything Everything – Fortune 500

Everything Everything had been popping up in indielists for a while but I hadn’t found a track yet that I truly liked. Until I heard this. A darker pop/ rock type of track that sounds like Future Islands minus grunts, combined with Editors and a sprinkle of Bon Iver on top.

Luke Howard & Nadje Noordhuis – Oversky

Modern classical music is something I have been getting into this year. I bought no fewer than 2 reworked classical albums this year. One with works by Chopin and one with Vivaldi’s four seasons. This song sounds like it would befit a soundtrack not unlike that of Broadchurch.

Postäal – Don’t Let Go

Finally a track that is older and that I have had for longer than any of the songs featured here. But since the sheer amount of music can sometimes be overwhelming to me, this one slipped under my radar for a bit. As I was browsing all of my new tracks for songs to feature in this post, I came across this pop/ elektro cover of En Vogue’s monster 90s R&B Hit of the same name. Quite possibly one of the very few dance tracks out this year that isn’t too mainstream to hit my favorites list.

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