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In order to properly celebrate my blog’s 5th year anniversary, I wanted to do something special. And what is more special than showing you my entire make up collection? It’s been a while since I last filmed one of these. Back when my storage was a 3 drawer unit that you can still see in this video, but which has been re-purposed for holding haircare related products and items since then. I have reorganized my make up collection since then, and I thought it would be fun to show you.

If you compare this to the article I linked above, which showed my make up collection 2 years ago, then I have gathered a lot more make up in the course of two years. At the time, I was only just getting into using foundation, let alone highlight and contouring. I’ve always been an eye shadow fiend and lipsticks are very easy to hoard. In order to get everything organized like this, I had to get rid of quite a few things to make it fit.

I still have plenty of make up though and I am well aware that this is more than one human being could possibly use up. I mainly buy new make up to try out for the blog, but also because I enjoy writing about it, using it, and changing up my look. I have a few go to products that will forever live in my stash. Even if I run out, it breaks or it gets lost: there are plenty of staple pieces in my make up collection that I keep close by, so I can reach them easily on a daily basis.

When it comes to expanding my make up collection even further, I am going to try to limit myself. I don’t live in a very big space, so I need to contain my make up collection to these two areas anyway. I don’t want a place where there is make up in every corner of the house. So if I can’t fit it into this system anymore, then something will have to go. For now I have some space for expansion though as I now use all of the drawer rather than just the bottom. Sometimes, the only way is up!

Organization bits mentioned:

  • Glass jars for cotton pads and cotton buds: Action
  • Glass mini mason jars for brushes: Xenos
  • Acrylic drawer sets: Xenos
  • Ikea Godmorgon trays
  • Ikea Godmorgon set of 5 boxes: 1 big one, 1 rectangular one, 3 small ones
  • Ikea Godmorgon storage with movable tray

I hope you enjoyed this video and let me know if you’ve spotted anything you’d like to see more of.

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  1. Holy **** that’s a lot of make up haha!! Maar heel leuk om te zien. En goed opbergsysteem. Ik heb lang niet zoveel make up maar ik ga toch eens naar die Ikea sets kijken.

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