A new year, a new theme & other changes

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Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me… Well not to ME, exactly, but to this blog! Today is the day that my blog celebrates its 5 year blog-anniversary. Five years of trying to keep this space going and five years of sometimes creative, or not so creative ideas, five years of 1000 word blog posts and too many selfies to boot. To celebrate this milestone together with you, I have a few things in store for you the next few days. Read on to find out more.

The first thing you must have noticed is a change in theme. I found this theme months ago and thought it would be perfect. I think I ran the previous theme for nearly 2 years, maybe even longer. So I thought that a new, fresh look, would add to the festive atmosphere on here. If you now want to leave a comment, you simply click the grey bubble next to the title. For a like, you click the smaller pink bubble with the heart.

In order to celebrate 5 years of blogging in style, I also have a few tricks up my sleeve. Tomorrow, Sunday and Monday I will have something special in store for you. If I’m not mistaken something with a make up collection video and you may also be able to win something one of these days. So stay tuned if you are curious to see what’s coming up throughout this extended weekend.

Last but not least, I should inform you of a small change in my blogging schedule. In my current schedule I posted 2 blogs on Thursday: nails & music and on Sunday I post anything that is random/ lifestyle related. The change isn’t a big one, but I find myself not interested in nail art at all. I’m glad if I can slap something on and manage to take pictures. It’s not something I lost interest in, but it’s just not something I feel is worthy of weekly blog posts. That is why, my blog schedule will look as follows, as of this week:

  • Monday: beauty (reviews, product overviews, skincare, make up, haircare, bodycare, empty products, etc.)
  • Tuesday: food (mostly recipes, but I will throw in other random bits having to do with food)
  • Wednesday: beauty
  • Thursday: alternating between nails, music and books. I want to make books a more regular part of this blog
  • Friday: fashion (lookbooks, styling, ootd, do and dont’s, shoplogs, etc)
  • Saturday: beauty
  • Sunday: lifestyle (favorites, work, health, movies, tv series, hot spots, etc).

Have a good Friday and check back this weekend for more!

5 responses to “A new year, a new theme & other changes”

  1. jansyluvzu Avatar

    Love the new theme:-)

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Thanks hun!

  2. Bella Avatar

    Hele mooie layout Maaike!! En gefeliciteerd met het 5 jarig bestaan van je blog! Heb het al vaker gezegd, maar ik vind jou blog kwalitatief zo goed. Beter dan sommige bekendere ‘grotere’ bloggers.
    Zo, en nu ga ik je make up stash filmpjes kijken 😝😝

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Wat een lieve comment weer. Je maakt mn dag weer helemaal goed. Bedankt voor de support en enjoy het filmpje 🙂

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