The LBD x 5

In the fashion world, nothing says ‘timeless, staple piece’ than a little black dress. But there are so many! From business chique to casual and everything in between, a black dress can take you anywhere. You can dress it up or dress it down and that is why I have several black dresses in my wardrobe. These are my favorite ones.

  1. Faux leather body con dress (H&M)
  2.  Mesh & sweetheart neckline skater dress (H&M)
    3. Lace a-line dress (Primark)
    4. Skater dress with mesh sleeve detail (H&M)
    5. Empire line dress with knot detail, butterfly sleeves, sweetheart neckline and open back (Urban Outfitters)

Dress #1

The first dress is the one I wear the least out of these five. Yet, I felt this had to be mentioned. I don’t own too many body con dresses and that is entirely why this dress needs a mention. I bought it on sale for €5 and at such a bargain price I couldn’t resist. It is figure hugging but also features a high neckline and a zipper down the back, making it a bit more conservative. This type of dress is perfect for work.

Dress #2

Skater dresses are my go to and this piece is a very feminine one with a bit of sexiness added into the mix. The mesh detail at the top adds that little bit of peekaboo of your decolatage and the shape of the dress is flirty and flowy. It is girly, but with a blazer on top I still wear this to work.

Dress #3

This a-line shaped lace dress is very very short. Not necessarily work material, but fun for a party. It used to have gem stones sown onto the top half, but I took those off as I found them hideous. This way the dress is a more classy but also very feminine. I like wearing this with sky high heels.

Dress #4

Dress no. 4 is the plainest, most every day dress in the bunch. It is a skater dress again, but with a bit of added detail to the cut off sleeves. However, it you wear this with a cardigan or blazer, that detail will disappear and the dress will simply look like a plain black dress. I love wearing this with converse sneakers for a more casual vibe.

Dress #5

The final dress is the one I have had the longest. Meet my very first LBD. I bought it years ago when I was in Las Vegas. I love how it drapes around my body: it shows all the right curves. The very low neckline makes for a bit of a daring number, but the back, which is adorned with a large key hole opening, only adds to a dress that might otherwise look too solid. This is my party number, my most special LBD.

How do you wear an LBD?

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  1. […] Not really. I try to take bits and pieces from everything I see. From Youtubers to fashion magazines, to simply what’s on offer in different stores. I think the latter is quite possibly my main inspiration. I will simply feel inspired by what I see in the latest H&M catalogue or dresses that I find on ASOS. But mainly I think, I take that inspiration from my own closet. I can look at the trends for a certain season and go like: yup, own that, no don’t own that. And then I will buy a few pieces that will suit my fashion needs. However, I can wear combo’s long after they went out of style if I find they simply looked good on me. My current favorites? Jeans & jumpers, skirts & thin knits, and ‘wiggle’ dresses. But yes, I also still have that boxy 80s vintage blazer that I bought when I went through a more androgynous phase and I make sure I maintain a good deal of fashion staples such as a white button down (LOVE!), a good pair of denim jeans and a little black dress. […]

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