Tuned up Thursday: Music ABC – S

Today’s music post is venturing into known waters again for me. Each song listed here has been a favorite for years. There is only one song that was released in the new millennium on here, so we are going back in time a good deal again. Let’s see what another dive into the depths of my music collection has brought about, shall we?

Sanctify Yourself – Simple Minds

I saw Simple Minds live in concert a few years ago. My then boyfriend had bought me tickets and by the time the concert was held we had split up. I remember not being too particularly stoked about going, but then Simple Minds came on and sang this. All of that heartbreak was soon forgotten and I had another song that was added to my list of ‘momentous music memories’ .

Something That I Already Know – Backstreet Boys

So far, good ole BSB had been absent from this list, but you knew they had be in here somewhere. Something That I Already Know especially holds a special place in my heart as it helped get through a rough patch a few years ago. I cried and banged fists against walls while this song played and I still have a strong emotional reaction whenever I hear this.

Song 2 – Blur

On to happier memories. I also saw Blur, a few years ago at Rock Werchter to be exact. I remember not loving this song or Blur for that matter when it was released, but as time progressed and my musical tastes changed and developed I started to appreciate their music more and more. This nonsensical grunge spoof will always get a crowd jumping and that’s exactly what I remember from this song being played live: thousands of bodies doing the best pogo of their lives.

Subterranean Homesick Blues – Bob Dylan

Time for a classic. Bob Dylan was one of those artists my dad always raved about and until a few years ago I never knew what the fuss was about. Not only are the lyrics well written, the little puns here and there make this song what it is. Add that this song has one of the first ever music videos to boot and you have a song that is timeless.

Sunny – Bobby Hebb

We finish this short list of songs with Sunny. Famously covered by disco act, Boney M, whose rendition I encountered first, this song is one of the best examples of a well done 60s R&B song. This may be why this song is one of the most covered songs in the world. It is one of my favorite lazy day songs. So take out those jammies and a cup of tea and relax!

Any favorites with an S that you can share?

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