What’s in my bag?

I’ve been back at work a few weeks now and for this school year, I decided to bring out an oldie but a goodie when it comes to my work bag. This, by now vintage, leather satchel used to be my book bag in my freshmen year in highschool *cue chorus of aaahw*. That was back in 1996 and I got it for my birthday. Here’s what it houses in the academic year of 2015-2016.

The only way to get your hands onto one of these anymore is from specialized stores or vintage shops. At the time I believe we bought this from HEMA. I specifically wanted a bag like this, but throughout my first year of secondary school, this proved too small. So I got a bigger one the year after. However, this smaller version has held up a lot better than the bigger one, which nearly falls apart and I feel that for an every day work bag, this allows me to carry everything I wish to carry with me.

So I figured I show you what I carry around with me on a daily basis. Remember, I work quite long days. I am up just after 6 AM and do not come home until the early evening on most days. Days like that require sustenance, entertainment and a few other basics that I cannot leave the house without.

The bag has two large compartments, divided by an A4 sized zipper compartment. I am not currently using that, but I use it whenever I need to bring home documents from work, such as exam papers or reading material. The front of the bag features two smaller compartment that are perfect for keeping smaller things.

1.) Necessities

A few things I will never leave my house without are my wallet, my moleskin diary, keys and an umbrella. I am still a tad old fashioned with keeping track of my appointments, lessons and other social engagements. I keep a paper diary as it gives me a weekly overview in one go. My wallet is from New Look, my keys are too big but apart from pragmatic it also features some mementos and then I have an umbrella, because here you never know what the weather might be like.

2.) Entertainment

Since I travel around 3 hours every day to get to and from home to work, I try to use the time wisely. I have spent hours grading papers, preparing lessons and I can swear I managed passing my MPhil due to putting in study hours on the train. I try to use the time for exploring personal interests though. I love reading on the train (currently Marisha Pessl’s Night Film) and I listen to music or watch TV series on my tablet. Sometimes I use my phone to play some games or read articles through social media.

3.) Food & drink

I am a bring-your-own-lunch kinda gal. I bring my Klean Kanteen which I fill up with water. I use my Sigg thermos cup for tea. In winter I love taking tea with me on the train. The two clear containers are from HEMA. I use these for food. They have a leak proof lid, but the container itself is made out of glass which is microwave safe. I had some snacks in the small one and lunch in the big one.

4.) Miscellenous

Finally I keep a small make up bag at hand with essentials for touching up my make up, but also handy things such as cough drops, paracetamol and band aids. I always put that day’s lipstick in my bag as well, just in case and pens, gum, tissues and my work keys are of course essentials any given day. Lastly, there is a little pouch with a small mirror, lip balm and a flash drive.

Not too interesting contents wise, but I thought it would be fun to show you nonetheless. It had been a while since I did one of these and I know how many people always like to take a peek into someone else’s bags.

What does your bag look like?

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