Kruidvat eye makeup remover

For years I swore by the Sephora eye make up remover. But then Sephora disappeared from The Netherlands and I had to find a replacement. I searched high and low and then found a super cheap option from the Dutch drugstore. At only €1.69, this eye make up remover works like a dream and doesn’t break the bank.

Kruidvat Cleansing 2 Phases Eye MakeUp Remover

I am talking about the Kruidvat Cleansing 2 Phases Eye MakeUp Remover (or oog make-up remover as it is called in Dutch) for all skin types with pro-vitamin B5 and essential oils. I randomly picked this up after trying numerous other and more expensive make up remover. I tried the one from The Body Shop (which I loved) but at almost 10 times the price of this, I thought their had to be a cheaper alternative. I tried an oil based remover from Hema, but that was too oily and so I thought a budgetproof eye make up remover might not exist. How wrong I was!

This eye make up remover is one of those 2 phase make up remover that any fancy brand also sells. There is a blue layer of oil on top, and water at the bottom. The oil is there to make make up removal quick and easy. The idea is that you barely have to rub the cotton pad across your eyes as oil breaks up make up very easily.

Here’s what the bottle says:

Kruidvat eye and lip make up remover easily removes waterproof and long lasting make up. Pro-vitamin B5 ensures the skin does not dry out and maintains the skin’s natural moisture levels. Your skin feels pleasantly clean.  For the best results, combine with a Kruidvat eye cream.

How to use: Apply to cotton pad or tissue and gently rub eye and lip area. Shake before use.

The ingredients are as follows:


This list doesn’t mean much to me. Some of the components do not really sound too nice for the skin, but I used up an entire bottle of this without it leaving my skin irritated or inflamed. So no allergic reactions and that’s what matters to me most.

When you shake up the product,  it turns a bright sky blue and then it is ready to be applied. There are no apparent smells to this product. There is no perfume in here to begin with, so it smells very neutral and soft.

The product comes out looking a tad blue as well. It leaves a teeny tiny bit of an oily residue on your lids but that’s alright. It is gentle, but effective, but I do find that other make up removers I tried are gentler to my skin. You will see what I mean in the picture below.

Left: before, Right: after

To show you how well this stuff works, I decided to add some before and after pictures. On the left is my eye with make up after a full day of wear. On the right is my eye with its make up removed. The top right shows my eye right after removal. As you can see there is some redness there and that is something that happens to me almost every time I cleanse my face. I have used removers where the redness is much worse. On the bottom right you can see my clean eye after the remover has dried. The redness is gone and what’s left is clean skin.

If you are looking for a budget proof eye make up remover that gets the job done, then this is for you. I do find that more expensive removers are a little bit more gentle to the skin, but when you’re looking for effectiveness and do not mind a tad of redness, then this product is for you. Especially for the price you pay, I do not feel the Kruidvat Cleansing 2 Phases Oog Make-Up Remover is inferior to any other eye make up remover I have tried. Better yet, this is now one of my go to skincare products.

What eye make up remover do you use?

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