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Asian skincare is known for its quality and innovation in the beauty world, but it wasn’t something I was particularly interested in. From crazy ingredients (bird’s nests anyone?) to the brightening/ whitening effects a lot of products boast about, I didn’t think there would be anything in it for me. Add to that, the sheer amount of different options and I always felt a little bit lost come Asian beauty picks. But then I was in Seattle, where I stayed in a hotel in Chinatown with an Asian supermarket only 2 blocks away and that supermarket sold more than just food.

In the back of the store there was a home ware section and a little nook of it was devoted to beauty products. I checked out some of the make up but then figured that buying a few sheet masks, one quintessential Asian beauty product, would be safer bet to try on the fly. They only cost around 2 dollars a piece and are easy to carry around. I picked up a bunch which I thought I might like and I am looking forward to trying them.

My Scheming Hyaluronan Hydrating Mask

All of these masks are by the brand My Scheming, safe for one. I had never heard of them before, but they seem to be one of the more popular brands together with My Beauty Diary. Since my skin is mostly dry and dehydrated, especially come winter time, I decided to mostly pick up masks that promoted those properties. The ingredient list of this Hyalyronan Hydrating Mask is not that easy to understand but cucumber extract and flower leaf extract can never be too bad for a person now can it?

My Scheming Bamboo Charcoal + Volcano Mud Extract Pore Minimizing Mask

This mask isn’t just a mouthful it is also the only different type of mask I got. It boasts charcoal properties that should clean out your pores and leave your skin feeling smooth and radiant. That sounds very promising and I sometimes like to use masks to give my skin a very thorough cleanse, a bit like a fresh new start. Again, the ingredient list features a lot of abracadabra but algae extracts, chamomile flower extract and willow bark extract seem like they could be good properties for a face mask.

My Scheming Honey Hydrating Mask

The Honey Hydrating Mask is the only one I used so far. The sheets of these masks are very wet, dripping wet and I applied this while standing over my sink. The feeling on the skin was oddly cooling and very wet. I left it on for about 15 – 20 minutes and it felt really nice. You can either rinse off your face or tap in the excess moisture, which is what I did. My skin felt refreshed and a little bit tingly afterwards. I tried to take pictures of this process, but my lighting wasn’t right so you couldn’t really see much in the pictures.

Rose Dew Moisturizing Mask

One of the reasons why I picked these up is because the packaging is super cute. From the sweet little pictures on the front, to that cutesy face on the back, it’s all very appealing to buy. The fact that you only understand half of the wording on the packaging is okay as most of it is translated into English anyway, and there are always some pictures to help you out with the instructions. There are even explanations on the back to show you what it will do for your skin.

My Scheming Hot Spring Water Moisturizing Mask

These masks work really nicely. The sheets unfold very easily and I found the places of the holes to be just fine. When you take it out of the packaging there is a more solid plastic sheet that allows you to unfold the sheet and place it on your face. You then remove the plastic sheet and start smoothing the mask onto your face and leave it on as directed. In other words, it’s a very easy process, but due to the wetness of the mask, it’s best to do this over a sink.

Tsaio Ginseng Anti-Wrinkle Mask

The reason why I picked up this mask, by a different brand, is the marketing slogan on the front: Superb Moisturizing Invisible Mask, 12 times more moisturizing! Since I am all about adding that moisture back into my skin, I figured this would be a good buy as well. I’m not sure whether this mask also comes with the ‘pearl sheet’ as they call it, but I hope it will be as easy to use.

If these masks all do what they promise then I’m going to make sure to find an online store where I can buy more of these. For the time being, I just bought a few singles to try out to see how I like them. And now that I have done a little bit more research, I may want to venture out and try some different brands as well.

What Asian Sheet Masks can you recommend to me?

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  1. I have a big obsession with face masks. I feel it’s a great way to rejuvenate the skin and add little TLC specially during the winter months. I’m big fan of My Beauty Diary but after reading your blog post these are some alternatives I’d like to check out. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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