Plog 26 October 2015

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I thought it would be fun to show you a day in the life of moi in pictures. This past week was fall break for me and so I had a more interesting week going on then the usual I-get-up-go-to-work-then-the-gym routine. I picked last Monday to be the day to show you as I had a nice day of blogging, running errands, some me time and some gym time. Here’s what my day was like.

I woke up on time regarding the fact that it was a vacation day and the first thing I did was chuck some water. I was on antibiotics for part of the week because of an ear infection and it make me very thirsty. So all I did was drink water. I didn’t have much to eat in the house breakfast wise anyway, because I forgot to bring bananas on my weekly food shop.

So after hydrating myself I went out the door and get some groceries so I could have a proper breakfast. This tree across the street was just begging to be photographed.

And some more a little further down on the other side of city hall…

Bananas! And some grapes, wheat free ganola, strawberry jam and ‘leverkaas’. The latter I sometimes buy as a bit of a treat and since it was vacation, I figured I could treat myself.

Eureka, breakfast! This is Greek yoghurt with banana, flax seeds, wheat free granola and some honey.

Time for make up. I always lay out my make up like this. I start at the bottom left and then work my way around counter clockwise. I was really looking forward to trying out the Illamasqua pigment which I bought in the UK in May and still hadn’t properly tried.

The look I created: flawless skin, soft smokey eye and neutral lips. Oh and I had a seriously good hair day!

Then it was time for a long overdue project: fall lookbooks! These always take up quite a lot of time to make and I always lay out each and every outfit so I can just rotate as I go along. These are the outfits for lookbook no. 1.

And these are some of the items from lookbook no. 2. The first one went online last Friday, so you can check that out here.

And two outfits from the two different lookbooks. I am really into pairing burgundy cardigans with black and white dresses these days.

After making the lookbooks it was time to run some errands. I had to go to the bank and I wanted to check out bookstores to see if the new Robert Galbraith was out yet. And lookie! It was! Just like the latest installment in Ransom Rigg’s Miss Peregrine series.

A little bit more walking around…

And then it was time to chill. I changed into my care bear PJ bottoms and settled in for a little bit of reading.

These are the books I bought! I bought the Galbraith book (which is a pseudonym for JK Rowling btw and it’s a detective series). I also bought Anthony Doerr All the Light We Cannot See, David Mitchel The Bone Clocks and books no. 2 and 3 in the Miss Peregrine series: Hollow City and Library of Souls.

I sat down on my floor to get a head’s start on the Galbraith book. With something naughty to help me along, but really chocolate covered ‘pepernoten’ are my favorite fall time snack. Career of Evil is the third book in this series by the way and I already finished reading this 2 days later.

Dinner time! Excuse the bad picture, but the fluorescent lighting in my kitchen didn’t do this justice. What it is? Some crisp bread with garlic butter and salmon and a wrap with pesto and salmon.

Gym time! I went for a Body Balance class and I always bring my own mat. A) This mat is much better than the ones they have at the gym and B) it is much more hygienic. It had been almost two weeks since I worked out because I was sick all that time, so I was happy to do something again. At least Body Balance is a nice way of easing yourself back into your work out routine.

After that session of relaxation, there was one more thing I had to do before going to bed and that is write next day’s blog. I am too busy to blog much in advance, even though I try at times. However, I like writing a little bit every day. It’s become this nice way to unwind at the end of the day.

I hope you enjoyed my first ever plog. Would you like to see more of these?

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  1. Esmee Avatar

    Heel erg leuk om dit zo te zien in een overzichtje! Het ontbijtje lijkt me heerlijk!
    XOXO esmee

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Is het ook! En super simpel 🙂

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