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First Thursday of the month, time for the continuation of my favorite songs in alphabetical order by song title. There are quite a few indie rock tracks in today’s list, but also a golden oldie in a language other than English. And if you’ve listened to most of the music I share on here ever so often, you know I also have a knack for slightly strange electronic, repetitive songs. Another eclectic mix of not so every day songs, but that doesn’t mean I love them any less for it. Here are my favorite track starting with the letter U.

U.R.A. Fever – The Kills

I first heard this track in Welcome to the Rileys, a movie in which Kristen Stewart plays a teenaged stripper who resembles a man’s dead daughter who then tries to change her into a proper young girl. I love the rough, edgy, thumping beat infused with dial tones and random scratches. Play loudly for the best results.

Under Control – Good Shoes

Let’s stick to some rock shall we? This is another short, in your face, don’t sneeze because it will be over, thumping type of rock song, but slightly different than the first one. It is faster and more upbeat, less mysterious and with a definite tongue in cheek if you listen closely to the lyrics. One of the very first indie finds from years ago and I am still listening to it till this day.

Undercurrent – Royal Treatment Plant

Another indie track for you! Don’t be fooled by its apparent sweetness, because it has a definite kick to it. Another song from my early indie listening days, back when indie playlists first started popping up. I discovered IRP, BIRP and the like in late 2007/ 2008. Many have now stopped, but some, like the two aforementioned lists are still going strong and release new music overviews on a regular basis.

Une Belle Histoire – Michel Fugain

Time for some serious change in this blog post. One of my favorite French songs is this one. It’s the story of two lovers who meet on the side of the road one summer in the South of France. Guess how I know this? From my high school French classes and it’s one of the reasons why I still love using songs in my own classes as it makes for a fun and different element in any classroom setting.

Urchin – Labyrinth Ear

We started this post with a mysterious song and we’re ending it on a mysterious note. Nothing like coming full circle. Dreamy, slow, stomping beats and angelic voices singing incomprehensible lyrics that are repetitive and almost chant like. I love listening to these type of songs to unwind after a long day.

Any favorite songs you would like to share?

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