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Fall is my favorite time of year for heading on a city trip. This year, I unfortunately didn’t have the opportunity to do so as I already went on a massive trip across the US last summer. But for the past few years I went to London in the fall season. The weather is mild which makes it appropriate for exploring all that a city has to offer. Since I like to limit my wardrobe options when I travel (I created a capsule wardrobe for my Interrail trip last year), I figured it would be fun to show you what I would take if I were to go on a city trip around this time of year.

Whenever I travel I never want to bring too many clothing options as it means lugging around too much stuff and not having enough room for bringing home more goodies. I created this lookbook with different occasions in mind. From casual museum visits, to an outfit fit for wearing to a the theater: I’ve tried to include an outfit for every occasion, but with limited clothing options. I will also add some more ideas for making some more combinations with the 10 items I picked out for a 5 day city trip: 2 pairs of pants, 2 blouses, 2 t-shirts, 1 dress, 1 skirt, 1 cardigan and 1 blazer. This excludes underwear, tights and shoes.

Forest green plaid flannel shirt (Vila)
Black v-neck tee (Forever 21)
Grey Jamie jeans (Topshop)

The first outfit is a very casual outfit which would be perfect for exploring the city or going on a museum visit. The plaid shirt adds a laidback vibe and a bit of warmth without making you instantly overheat like a sweater would do. My love for Topshop jeans should come as no surprise to anyone who reads my fashion blogs. These grey Jamie’s are my favorites as they are super comfy and versatile.

Detail of the plaid shirt

Houndstooth blouse (Vero Moda)
Black velvet skirt (H&M)

Outfit number two is a bit more dressed up. Great if you have any plans for the evening. Whenever I am in London I try to do something. I went to see a Shakespeare play once, but also went to see a ballet performance. Or you could simply wear this on a day you feel a tad more girly. The crushed velvet look skirt is nice and warm and the print of the shirt give it a fun, more masculine twist.

But what if we paired the shirt with the jeans? This is such an easy combo to change things up. Of course you could also wear the plaid shirt with the skirt and button it up for another different look. I am also making good use of the black t-shirt of the first outfit: I layered it underneath the button down shirt as that is quite sheer. Layering a shirt underneath a blouse is also a great way to add a layer of clothing so you’re not too cold outside, but not too hot inside.

Detail of houndstooth shirt

Gingham print smock dress (The White Pepper)
Burgundy cardigan (Zara)

When I travel I have to pack at least one dress. This gingham check print dress is one of my absolute favorites as it is versatile. The black & white pattern make this easy to combine with any other items you may have brought along. Here I paired it with a burgundy cardigan that wouldn’t be misplaced in any of the other combos I’ve showed you. You can simply throw it on with the houndstooth blouse outfits, or replace it for the plaid shirt.

Beige & faux leather blazer (H&M)
Burgundy t-shirt (H&M)
Windowpane print trousers (H&M)

The final outfit is a more business casual one. Packing a blazer for a city trip is usually a good idea as it can turn any outfit into something a bit more upscale. I would wear this particular blazer with the dress, the skirt and the jeans. To have another option apart from a plain black t-shirt, packing a colored or white t-shirt will instantly add a versatile piece to your travel wardrobe. I decided to add a fun pair of window pane print trousers that again would work with plenty of other pieces shown here.

Black Chelsea boots (H&M)

For shoes, I usually only bring one pair if I’m away for just a few days. I need them to be versatile and comfortable as I need to be able to walk a few miles in them. These beat up Chelsea boots are a staple in my wardrobe: they go with nearly everything and the little heel makes them a little more feminine while maintaining comfort. These are a great two for one that will be perfect for a travel wardrobe.

So yes, that’s it: 10 items + underwear + socks & tights + a pair of shoes and you will have packed enough to last you a few days in a city of your choice. Of course I created these outfits with London in mind as it is my favorite city for a short break. However, you may have to adjust for the weather in the city you are going to. I can imagine you would pack slightly different shoe options if you were to go to Rome or Stockholm to name but a few options.

Let me know what items you pack when you go on a city trip!

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