Sweater weather tag

A few years ago the sweater weather tag did the rounds, but I feel that by now it’s been forgotten. And that’s a shame, because it is a fun tag. I hadn’t done it before and since the weather is finally getting colder, it is definitely appropriate for this time of year.

Favorite scented candle

Up until this year, I would not have been able to answer this question. Scented candles weren’t for me as my asthma would play up the minute I burnt any candle. But ever since my hayfever isn’t rearing its ugly head anymore, starting last year or so, I decided to give it a shot. So far, I have only burnt ofne candle and it is nearly gone. That would have to be my favorite and it’s the Rituals candle in Sacred Fire, which is the most perfect fall scent.

Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?

Tea 100%. I drink tea on a daily basis and on days off I go through at least 6 different cups. At work I tend to switch it up and have water and the occasional cup of coffee as the tea at the office isn’t the best. But tea is one of my favorite drinks and I drink it year round, be it a little less in summer time. Need proof, see the picture below.

Do you switch up your make up routine for fall?

Yes I do! I tend to wear darker lip colors rather than brighter ones and I go for smokey eyes a bit more. I find that I use the Urban Decay Naked Smokey a lot more than I had anticipated when I bought it. I also try to wear more color. I’ve been playing around with navy and teal mostly.

Favorite food for the holidays?

Pepernoten! St Nick’s has arrived again so it is the perfect time for eating this seasonal treat again. But I also look forward to getting together with my friends & family and spending Sinterklaas, Christmas and New Year’s eat lots of yummy food that everyone brings and makes.

Hat or scarf?

Scarves most definitely! I do wear hats from time to time, but they are the last thing I add on to my outerwear look. I tend to buy a new scarf every year to freshen up my winter coat look, because I don’t buy a new coat every year,  but rather change up the accessories.

Favorite sweater?

If you saw my shopping haul last week, you will have noticed that I am currently loving sweaters. The orange one I purchased is one of my favorite recent purchases, but I love so many different sweaters. That is why I already did a blog post on my favorite sweaters at the beginning of the year, as well as a lookbook, styling up some of my favorite sweaters.

What are your fall staple nail polishes?

Currently I am not wearing much nail polish. I got sick a few weeks ago and stopped polishing my nails and haven’t started wearing it again just yet. However, this time round, I am very much drawn towards very dark and vampy nail colors. I did a blog post about it last month.

Boots or Uggs?

Boots! Uggs are not my cup of tea. I have a pair of leather Doc Marten’s that are my snow boots for when it gets really really cold. But most of the time I stick to any type of ankle boot, with Chelsea boots being my favorite.

What is the best part about fall?

I love the fact that when it comes to fashion you can pretty much wear whatever. And the make up looks become more elaborate and interesting. Other than that I could do without the rain and cold, but all the different colors that are out and the fact that my hayfever slows down to nothing, are all reasons why I fall is one of my favorite seasons.

Favorite song this fall?

Nope, nothing in particular. I have been too busy to really pick out a particular favorite. So I’ve mainly been listening to music in the background, but not registering what I am listening to. I’ve been about albums more so than single songs too so nothing interesting to share here.

Feel free to do this tag too if you have a blog and enjoy your Sunday!

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